SBDC013 strap arrived and accuracy tested

The picture above says it all. The SBDC013 is now on the original strap designed for the limited edition SBDC015 and it’s on a timegrapher showing good accuracy.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I have the leather strap (shown below) on order.

It arrived last week in an envelope that says “component within”.

Inside the envelop is the bund style leather strap in plastic wrapper.

This is what you get when you put the three-piece strap in place.

Comparing it to the strap on the SBDC011, I notice a difference on the short end. The brown strap has two keepers, one fixed and one movable. The black strap has only one keeper and from the stitching, I can see that it was not designed to have a fixed keeper.

The strap comes with a black buckle.

The SBDC013 looks cool on the bund strap but does not fit under the sleeve when I wear it to work.

So, I decided to remove the backing.

Both Fieldmasters side by side.

I visited Big Time today and put the SBDC013 face up on their new timegrapher. The watch started at +1s per day and settled down quickly to 0s per day. What a surprise.

10 thoughts on “SBDC013 strap arrived and accuracy tested

    • Hi Dale,

      I believe it can be done but the waiting time is going to be long I suspect. Our Seiko service centre usually quote 3 months waiting time for any JDM parts ordered.

      I think you can get it in a shorter time if you approach SeiyaJapan, Higuchi or Chino Watch.

      Btw, the price of the leather strap is about the same as a brand new Seiko 5 dress model. 🙂

      Best regards,


    • Hi thepoetboy,

      I heard Khatena Masood & Sons Trading at Rochor Centre sells this device but is quite expensive. You can buy it during the Hong Kong watch fair as well.

      Best regards,


  1. nice strap u have there. mind to share how much u pay for tat strap? i have been looking for a leather strap since long time ago. is that sharkskin? =)


  2. Hi Thomas,

    I’ve been reading your posts on th SBD013 for quite some time and eventually took the plunge and purchased. I’m very pleased.

    I notice the package for the bund strap had the markings “D0211DL” – can you confirm for me whether or not this is the actual Seiko part number for this strap, as I’d like to order it?

    Many Thanks



    • Hi Andy,

      I believe the markings on the package is the part number of the strap. I have seen other Seiko straps packed in similar packaging and they all have their part numbers on it.

      I didn’t have the part number when I purchased mine, so I told the seller that I wanted the leather strap that comes with the SBDC015 and provided this image.

      Best regards,


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