Seiko 1000m Shrouded Diver – S23619J1

I had the opportunity to handle this Seiko 1000m shrouded quartz diver that was made for the international market. This watch is not the same as the current Prospex model SBBN013 because does not have the word “Marinemaster” on its dial. Is it the same as the previous Prospex model, SBBN011 in every aspect? I don’t have the SBBN011 so here are some pictures of the S23619J1 so you can see for yourself.


Day display in English/Arabic:

(Note: No “Marinemaster” and manufactured in June 2011)

Signed crown:

Hex screws:

(Note: the watch comes with a long strap. The picture below shows the long end of the strap compared to the strap from the SBBN017. The short end is of standard length. Non-metallic keeper though)

Hang tag:

Stock photo from catalog:

Seiko S23619J1 featured in this post is provided by

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Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

22 thoughts on “Seiko 1000m Shrouded Diver – S23619J1

  1. long strap probably to be worn over the diving costume. marvelous piece, and there’s no way that i would attempt to change the battery myself! any automatic variant that dives 1000m?


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  4. Hmmm…everything else looks the same. I wonder why Seiko removed Marine Master from the dial. If this was intended for the international market, was there something wrong with the term for it to be excluded? To be frank, Seiko’s use of Marine Master is not altogether clear and defined. It encompasses a number of models and cases. And that model number S23619J1? Wow! I can’t understand how Seiko derives it’s model codes and numbers. Really confusing.


    • I suspect the “Marinemaster” name is reserved for JDM models. They do not put it on international models.

      The S23XXXX model number has been around since 2000. Check out the model number of the golden tuna on the year 2000 catalog.

      Also, the Quartz Astron commemorative model is S23617J.


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