Seiko Limited Edition Tuna Cans – S23626J1 and S23627J1

Saw these two Seiko shrouded divers at K2 recently. They were announced in Baselworld 2018 and released a few months after the show. They have the same technical specs but one of them has a retro look while the other has a modern look.

Let’s take a look.

The first model shown above (S23626J1) apparently is a reissued model that is modeled after the 7549-7009 which is the world’s first diver watch that is powered by a quartz movement. It was released in 1978 and hence the S23626J1 is limited to 1978 pieces.

The dial and hands of the S23626J1 is similar to the vintage model.

The second model is the S23627J1. This model comes with a rose gold shroud which is pretty eye catching and modern looking.

It has the new style dial and hands that Seiko puts in the shrouded diver models that they release in recent years. There is also a Prospex “X” logo on the dial.

This watch is limited to 800 pieces and priced higher than the S23626J1 above. You can see the price difference in the price tag pictures below.

3 thoughts on “Seiko Limited Edition Tuna Cans – S23626J1 and S23627J1

  1. I have one (S23626J1) but the day wheel is only in English (alternating with Roman numerals, not a second language). Is the English/Kanji day wheel for Japan market only?


  2. Between the two I prefer the S23626, personally. I wonder if there exists S23626s with English/Arabic day wheel? So far I’ve seen English/Kanji (JDM), English/Spanish, & English/Roman Numerals…


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