Watch Purchase – Seiko SARG009


Purchased the Seiko SARG009 recently. I have posted on another variant, SARG011 before so I won’t go into details of the watch here. I chose the SARG009 because it has a black dial which provide better contrast for the white hands and hour markers.

I have also replaced the steel bracelet with a black leather strap. The end result is a watch with three colours – black, white and steel as shown above.

Here are some pictures of my SARG009.









Here’s my post on the SARG011.

The watch (SARG009) is purchased at Big Time and the leather strap is taken from my SARG007.


29 thoughts on “Watch Purchase – Seiko SARG009

  1. Although I’d seen it before on some of the JDM sales sites, your great pictures convinced me to pick this one up. It evokes the Spork for me and I love my Spork. This was the first site that I found that clearly pointed out the SARG011 dial is charcoal rather than black like the SARG009. I was wondering about that and I’ve seen others wonder about that. Thanks!


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  3. A number of folks online seem to opt for the SARG009 then ditch the bracelet over just buying the SARG011. Some questions about your decision to do so: A) Is the dial that much more black? B) Is the red second on the SARG011 unattractive in person? C) Is the bracelet on the SARG009 not up to snuff?

    Looking at the 2 online, I’d be inclined to go the other way…to buy the SARG011 and put it on the SARG009 bracelet, but literally 100% of the reviews seem to go the other way.

    Great looking watch either way.


    • A. The 009 has a true black dial while the 011 is what we call charcoal dial. The contrast on the 009 is better. I will take a side-by-side photo if I have the chance.

      B. The red tipped second hand is nice but white on the 009 is fine as well.

      C. The bracelet is good as usual but I guess people prefer to wear it on leather strap. Also, the strap on the 011 doesn’t look attractive to me. I prefer normal buckle to deployant buckle on this type of watch.


    • Managed to take a photo of the two watches side-by-side. The colour of the 009 dial is like the Rolex Explorer I while the 011’s dial colour is more like the SKX007.


  4. I’ve managed myself getting SARG011 at Big Time a week ago. But just noticed that the date change is not exactly at 12, it is 15 minutes quicker.
    Do you think it is normal or faulty?
    Thanks in advance.


  5. I bought this watch, thanks to your excellent review.

    To me, this watch reminds me of a mixture of Rolex Explorer 1 and Panerai. Great website, best of luck!


  6. Pingback: Quick question; Are the dials on the SARG011 and SARG009 the same shade of black?
  7. Could you please provide lug to lug measurement of the SARG009? My wrist is only 165mm. I’m looking for a pilot watch to complete my collection and then found this watch; love the dial with big numbers and great lume.


  8. Thank you, Yeomanseiko, for posting this watch. I now have a perfect office beater. Very legible. Right on my small wrist. Not obtrusive, not heavy at all.

    I am looking forward to your future photo reviews.



  9. Hello …. sorry, if you do not mind i want to buy your Seiko SARG009 bracelet to wear on my Seiko SARGA011. Thank you very much.


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