Watch Purchase – Seiko SARG007

Added the Seiko SARG007 to my collection recently. This model has a similar case design as the Seiko AlpinistS except it is 40mm in diameter and has more areas with brushed finishings on its case. The Alpinist was meant to be an explorer watch whereas this model has a dial that makes it look more like a military field watch.

Here are some pictures of the SARG007. I have posted about the SARG005 in December 2013. Remember to check out the link at the bottom of this post if you want to see pictures of that variant.

Here’s my previous post on the SARG005:

7 thoughts on “Watch Purchase – Seiko SARG007

  1. I used to enjoy looking at your posts. Your pop up ads when you look at pictures are really annoying and a major distraction.


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  3. Hi there, I’ve been looking at this model as well, however I was a bit thrown off by the lack of a screw-down crown. Would you go swimming with this watch?


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