Orient ladies’ Watch – Once in a Blue Moon DB0A009D


I rarely feature ladies’ watches here as most of the readers here are guys. This is really a “once in a blue moon” post and the watch being featured here is none other than the Orient “Once in a Blue Moon” (model# DB0A009D) from the ladies’ Fashionable Automatic collection.

Blue moon is the second full moon in a single calendar month. The moon repeats its lunar cycle in roughly 29.5 days and hence a blue moon can only be seen in every two to three years. It is a rare mystical phenomenon and legend has it that seeing a blue moon will bring good luck and fortune.

This watch is therefore designed with the hope of bringing good luck to its owner.


This is a astronomical themed watch with the dial depicting a night sky full of cosmic wonders. The open heart area probably represent the full moon. The blue frame around it suggests that it is the second full moon of the month (blue moon). The sparkling beads on the dial represent a cluster of stars.

The hour markers if you notice are in different shapes. They probably represent brighter stars and other celestial objects. The markings on the minute chapter ring being smaller and lighter in colour kind of represent the stars that are far far away.

The watch comes in either blue or black dial. Both are suitable colours to represent the night sky.

The above is of course my interpretation of the dial.


On the back of the watch are some star engravings and the name of the watch, “Once in a blue moon”. There is an see-through area that correspond to the open heart area on the dial. Note that it is partially blocked by the rotor in the picture above. You can see the full view when the rotor is at another position.

You can see that the caseback is the snap on type since there is no notches on it.


The watch has a classic case design with curved crystal and a hex shaped crown.

Here are a few more shots of the case.





The blue dial variant comes with a matching blue leather strap with signed buckle.




Two more pictures of this beautiful watch by Orient.



Diameter: 36mm excluding crown
Thickness: 12.0mm
Lug width: 17mm
Water resistance: 30m

Orient DB0A009D featured in this post is provided by

483 Sims Avenue,
Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

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