Watch Purchase: Orient Bambino – ER2400BW

Here are some pictures of my new Orient Bambino. This is a new Roman dial variant that was released in October 2013.

I have posted a review of the Bambino when I bought the original version – ER24005W. The new Roman dial variant uses the same case, caseback, movement and leather strap. The following parts are different from the original version:

1. Dial
2. Hands
3. Crown
4. Some variants come with a mesh bracelet instead of the leather strap.

Here are some pictures of the watch. Link to my Bambino review is at the bottom of this post.
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100 Years of Watchmaking Limited Edition Grand Seiko – SBGR081

I finally bought another Grand Seiko after 7 years. My previous GS purchase was the SBGR029 and it was way back in 2006.

This time round, I went for the 100th Year of Watchmaking commemorative model, SBGR081.The watch comes with a metal bracelet but I put it on a leather strap as soon as I brought it home.
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Watch Purchase: NOS Orient Star WZ0081FD

I acquired two discontinued Orient Star models from the mid 2000s recently. The first one which I’m going to feature in this post is the classic looking WZ0081FD. This piece was discovered unexpectedly at Big Time’s showroom right in the display shelf where they display the current Orient Star models.
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Recent Purchase: Orient Mako XL – EM75006W

I added a second Mako XL to my collection recently. This version that I added comes with white dial and green bezel. The Mako XL was launched in Singapore in 2009. Colour variants included black, blue and orange. In 2011, the luminous dial variant was launched. Four more variants were launched this year including this. (See last link at the bottom of this post for the other variants).

Here are some pictures of my EM75006W. Take note that the watch comes with metal bracelet instead of rubber strap as shown.
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My Collection of GX-56 G-Shock Kings

The GX-56 “King G-Shock” is my favourite G-Shock model after the Frogman. I bought the GX-56-1B (above) a couple of months ago and like it very much. I added two more in the last few weeks. I’m not looking to collect them all but since certain variants are getting hard to find, I thought I’ll get them before they disappear completely.

Here are my new additions.
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Pictures of my Golgo 13 SBBN023

I bought a Golgo 13 SBBN023 when it was released last year but have yet to post pictures. I have posted cellphone pictures of a specimen that belongs to a friend though.

So, here are some quick pictures of my SBBN023. This is my third SBBN model after the 015 and 017.
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Watch Purchase: Orient M-Force EL0600H

Bought the red M-Force Beast recently. This is my second M-Force Beast, the first one being the black dial variant. I have done a review of the black dial version so here are some pictures to share with you.
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My Collection of Classic Style Watches from Seiko and Orient

In this last post of 2012, I would like to share with you my collection of classic style watches from Seiko and Orient.

Shown above is a classic style Grand Seiko GMT (SBGM003) that was purchased in 2005 IIRC. It is the watch that started this collection.
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Watch Purchase: SBBN017

I added a SBBN017 to my collection recently. I normally buy automatic watches but the Seiko Tuna Cans are very hard to resist. One thing about quartz watches is that they are very convenient to use. Unlike automatic watches, I don’t have to set the time on quartz watches when I want to wear them.
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