Recent Purchase: Orient Mako XL – EM75006W

I added a second Mako XL to my collection recently. This version that I added comes with white dial and green bezel. The Mako XL was launched in Singapore in 2009. Colour variants included black, blue and orange. In 2011, the luminous dial variant was launched. Four more variants were launched this year including this. (See last link at the bottom of this post for the other variants).

Here are some pictures of my EM75006W. Take note that the watch comes with metal bracelet instead of rubber strap as shown.
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Orient Mako EM65006D in action

Leslie Chang of Big Time and his motor sports associates represented Singapore in the ASEAN-India Car Rally (AICR) that took place between 25 Nov to 21 Dec 2012. The objective of the AICR is to demonstrate India’s proximity to ASEAN, enhance public awareness of the ASEAN-India partnership and further strengthen trade, investment, tourism and people-to-people linkages.

Each member of the Singapore team was given an Orient Mako for the event. Here are some photos of the Mako in action as the team drove from Singapore to various ASEAN countries before reaching their destination, India.
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Orient Mako XL Luminous Dial – EM75005R

Orient released some new colour variants of the Mako XL (aka Hog Rider) recently and I got myself one with a full luminous dial. Unlike the EM6500 Mako, Orient did not make any changes in the design of the Mako XL.
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The New Orient “Mako” – EM65007B

A new Orient “Mako” was released recently and I had the opportunity to take a look at it. The new model is based on the old one but they have changed certain aspects to made it look more like a dive watch.

This post gives you a summary of the differences between the new and old model and also a quick photo review of the all black Mako, EM65007B.
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The Orient 200m diver style watches – CEM7500**

Some impressions of the new Orient 200m diver style watch.

This watch comes in three colour variants namely black, blue and orange. It is an international model and somehow it was released in Singapore slightly ahead of most countries and I had the opportunity to become one of the first to purchase the watch in this part of the world. All three colour variants are very nice and I picked up the blue one due to lack of blue dial sports watches in my collection. Other than this Orient 200m sports, the other blue dial I have is the blue Samurai.

Here are the black and orange variants:

Model# CEM75001B

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