The Orient 200m diver style watches – CEM7500**

Some impressions of the new Orient 200m diver style watch.

This watch comes in three colour variants namely black, blue and orange. It is an international model and somehow it was released in Singapore slightly ahead of most countries and I had the opportunity to become one of the first to purchase the watch in this part of the world. All three colour variants are very nice and I picked up the blue one due to lack of blue dial sports watches in my collection. Other than this Orient 200m sports, the other blue dial I have is the blue Samurai.

Here are the black and orange variants:

Model# CEM75001B

Model# CEM75001M

And here’s my blue dial CEM75002D:

Model# CEM75002D

Please note that the CEM75002D also comes with metal bracelet like the black and orange variants just that I have put mine on an Orient rubber strap.

Since this is a diver style watch, it is natural to compare it to previous diver style watches such as the ‘Mako’, ‘Dolphin’ or the ‘Orient Sub’, and the most obvious difference has to be its size. It is significantly bigger than the previous models.

Here’s a comparison with the ‘Mako’.

And here’s a comparison with its big brother, the 300m professional diver.

Another thing I notice about the new model is the heavy and faceted lugs that reminded me immediately of my GS (SBGR029). They are not exactly the same and of course the GS lugs have far better finishing.


Here’s the side profile of the watch.

I also notice that the bezel is smoother to rotate compared the previous models. It could be due to the fact that it is bigger and offers a better grip than the ‘Mako’ for example. However, it is way smoother compared to the Orient ‘Sub’.

The ‘Mako’ CEM65005D

The Orient Sub 2ER00002D

The dial is more or less the same quality as the previous models and lume is acceptable to my eyes. IMO, they should do away with the cursive font on the dial and use a more legible one instead.

Watch comes solid screw in case back.

I am not a bracelet user but I notice that the bracelet is 22mm throughout instead of tapered. I believe it provides better support for a heavy watch like this.

Talking about bracelet, I must say that it would be good if they offered rubber strap versions just like the ‘Mako’. Shown above is the bracelet of my CEM75002D which is now chucked aside brand new.

11 thoughts on “The Orient 200m diver style watches – CEM7500**

  1. Yeoman, I have just bought a Mako XL last week and the color is orange bezel with white face. I have seen many pics in the internet with orange bezel but with black face. Is mine with the orange bezel and white face authentic and new color for Orient Mako XL?


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