More on the Seiko 5 Military

Besides the black dialed SNZG015J, I also picked up the green dialed version, the SNZG09J. They are the same watch but strap options are very different due to their dial colours.

The SNZG09J is put on a green NATO strap because the original nylon strap that came with it is not beefy enough for my liking.

Nato is fine but I like the conventional two-piece straps and it won’t be easy to find a suitable one that matches the dial colour of the SNZG09J. Besides green, what other strap colours will go well with the green dial?

Below is how the original nylon strap looks like and further below is how ‘thin’ it is.

There are more strap options for the black dialed version because there are more black colour straps than the green ones in the market. Possible options include nylon, kevlar style, rubber, silicon and even leather as long as they are not dress watch straps. I have put it on another Seiko nylon strap that I bought some time ago. It is called the ‘bund strap’ but I am using it without the ‘bund’ part. Here’s a post on the bund strap if you want to know more about it.!3318BA07329CD633!880.entry

Here’s a comparison of the straps. In front is the Bund strap and behind it is the original Seiko 5 mil strap.

And here are all the colour variants.

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