4R36 Seiko 5 Military – SRP275K

Finally had the opportunity to take some proper pictures of the 4R36 model Seiko 5 Military. The model I managed to get hold of is the green dialed SRP275K.

Here’s a pictorial review.

Green dial with Arabic hour markers with slightly enlarged 6 and 12 markers. 24hr markings are found on the minute chapter ring. Day and date have black and white background colours respectively.

The Arabic numerals are not lumed as you can see in the lume shot below.

This watch shares the same case as the Barcelona Seiko 5 featured in this post. Most part of it have brushed finishing.

This model has a bigger crown compared to previous models that were powered by the 7Sxx movement.

See-through caseback as found on most Seiko 5 models today.

Nato style nylon except it is thicker but shorter than the standard Nato straps in the market. You probably don’t have to loop the strap end around the rings when wearing this strap.

The distributor fixed the list price of this watch in Singapore at SGD312.50 inclusive of 7% GST. Price shown is for reference only.

Diameter: 39.5mm excluding crown
Lug width: 20mm
Thickness: 13mm

Please refer to this post for other variants, SRP273K and SRP277K.


Here is an old post on the previous model that was powered by the 7S36 movement.


Last but not least, a picture of the previous models, SNZG15J and SNX427.

Seiko SRP275K featured in this post is provided by:

H2 Hub @ Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade, #B-101
Tel: 6345 6811

15 thoughts on “4R36 Seiko 5 Military – SRP275K

  1. Are you sure this watch is meant to be a replacement for the SNZG15K1? I would be rather disappointed if that was true, because 39.5mm is too small for my taste. The 42mm width of the older model is perfect in my opinion.


    • Judging from the design, this model is probably a replacement for the SNZG15K. Having handled this watch, I believe it will feel little small when you put it on but I believe you will slowly get used to it just like when you switch from wearing a big watch to a smaller one.


      • I really don’t understand why you say this is a replacement for the SNZG15. They’re still making the SNZG15, and the two watches have virtually nothing in common.

        I think this new watch is a complete Hamilton rip-off. Also really do not like the black/white contrast between day/date.


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  8. Hi, just found this watch while browsing around and I like the size and look — my only random comment is for the seconds hand — why do they have lume applied to the back end of the hand? It’s inversed and would be confusing. If I see that dot at the 12 o’clock mark, I have to remind myself that it’s at 30 seconds? I was going to source this watch, but this is too annoying to ignore.


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