Seiko 5 Military SRPG35K2 and Flieger SRPH21K1

Posting some pictures and random thoughts about these two Seiko 5 models that I purchased recently. They are known as Seiko 5 Flieger and Seiko 5 Military among Seiko fans. The model numbers are SRPH21K1 (left) and SRPG35K1 (right) respectively.

Note that they are not mounted on their original straps in these pictures.

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Seiko 5 Sports – SRPE65K1

I handled this Seiko 5 Sports briefly recently. The case design is similar to the 5KX sports model except it has a smooth and non-rotating bezel. The diameter of this watch is 40mm while that of the 5KX is 42.5mm.

Below are some pictures.
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More Pictures of the new Seiko 5 Sports

Sharing pictures of four more Seiko 5 models. These are the ones that were released few months ago in different colour variants. Shown in this post are two popular green dial models, a blue dial and a red dial model.
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New Seiko 5 Sports

This time round I had the opportunity to handle the new Seiko 5 Sports model that has the new “5” logo. Seiko dished out 27 variants at one go and grouped them into various styles namely, Sports Style, Suits Style, Specialist Style, Street Style and Sense Style. The five variants I have here are the Suits Style SRPD67K1, SRPD71K2, SRPD73K2 and SRPD75K1, and Sense Style SRPD85K1. In this post, I will share some observations, thoughts and pictures. Let’s take a look.
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Seiko 5 Compressor

This time round, I had the opportunity to handle the Seiko 5 Compressor. I have seen pictures of this watch popping up here and there on the Internet but I never saw it at the shops that I frequent. Recently, parallel imports arrived and I finally saw them In the flesh. Black dial variant in this post is SRPB27J and blue dial variant is SRPB25J.
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Seiko 5 Sports – SRPB19K

It has been years since I last posted a Seiko 5 on this blog. Therefore, this time round, I am posting one and it is one which I like and would recommend. Being a Seiko 5, there are many colour variants of this watch and the variant I have on hand is the SRPB19K.
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The Kabuki Seiko 5’s


This is a collaboration between Seiko and Japanese film director and writer, Mr. Hirotsugu Kawasaki. There are three models in this series and they have generated quite a bit of interest here in Singapore, particularly the model shown above (SRP643K).

For those who didn’t get them, I am pleased to share with you some pictures of the watches, as well as the box and printed material.
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