New Seiko 5 – SRP615K


Here’s an aviator style Seiko 5 that was released recently. It comes with slide rule bezel and features a red tipped “aircraft” second hand. It is powered by the 4R36 movement with hack and handwind feature.

Here are a few pictures of the SRP615K.
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New Seiko 5 – SRP605K


Among the new Seiko 5 models released recently is the SRP605K shown above. There are several colour variants but this blue dialed model seems to be the nicest among them all. It has a matching blue bezel and the outline on the hands and hour marker are gold. A nice colour combination in my opinion.

This model is powered by the 4R36 movement. Here is a quick photo review:
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New Seiko 5 – SRP625K


Saw a couple of new Seiko 5 models in the local market including the SRP625K shown above. This watch is powered by the 4R36 movement and has a matte finished case. It is pretty big at 44mm excluding crown. Unlike other Seiko 5’s of this size, this one does not seem to have an over-sized minute chapter ring. It looks proportional to the size of the watch.

Here are some pictures of the SRP625K.
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Military Inspired Seiko 5 – SRP515K


Here is a military inspired Seiko 5 that was released a few months ago. Its large minute chapter ring reminds me of the 7S36 model (SNZG07J, SNZG09J, etc) from several years back. This watch however, has a bigger crown for hand winding since it is powered by the 4R36 instead of the 7S36 movement.
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Limited Edition Seiko 5 – SRP509J

Seiko released a pair of limited edition Seiko 5’s recently. They are SRP507 and SRP509. This pair features black with red and black with yellow colour combinations respectively. They come with rotating bezel and are powered by the 4R36 movement. The bezel is made using a combination of steel and plastic.

It is not known how many pieces were produced for each model as they are not numbered in the “001/XXX” format.

Here are a few quick shots of the SRP509J.
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Seiko Mini Snow Monster – SRP481K

The Seiko Monster is no doubt a signature design by Seiko. It started off as a 200m rated diver released in the early 2000s. Due to its popularity, several limited edition as well as JDM models were introduced. In recent years, they are powered by the 4R movement. Besides the 200m diver, Seiko also make several Seiko 5 models that have the monster look. Two nice models that they released recently are the fieldmonster (SRP441) and the mini monster (SRP481K) shown above.
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Seiko 5 50th Anniversary – SSA167J

Here’s another Seiko 5 50th Anniversary model that I handled recently. This model is characterized by its crown at the 12 o’clock position. It reminds me of the Spacewalk Sring Drive model and the Izul models even though it is not a chronograph watch. Some people call it “bullhead” while others call it “unicorn”.

Here’s a quick look.
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Watches I Saw – Seiko 5 Models

Some new Seiko 5 models I saw recently. Shown above is the Mini Monster. These are not exactly new. They have been released in the past using the 7S36 movement. This time, Seiko upgraded them with the 4R36 movement and changed up the colours in them. They are distributed by Thong Sia and seen at both K2 and H2 Hub (Parkway Parade). The model above is the SRP481K. Below are a few more variants.
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