Two New Seiko 5 Models – June 2014


Saw two new Seiko 5 models at K2 this weekend. Shown above is the SRP541K with compass bezel, knurled crown and straight end bracelet.

Shown below is the SRP561K. You can see that this is a big watch by the position of the day/date window. There is a big space to its right and the watch has a thick minute chapter ring.


Below is a model from the previous launch.




6 thoughts on “Two New Seiko 5 Models – June 2014

  1. hello !! I ´ m a french seiko addict . could you tell me when this watch will be on sale ( srp561k) and what about the price of this beauty . thank you . best . Ludo from Paris


  2. Hi,

    I have just gotten the SBXA045 and really loving it. Can i seek your views on these:-

    Should I get a spare leather stripe from thong sia or can i get oem from third party?

    Based on your experience, is it possible to get a white ceramic bracelet ?

    Thank you for your time


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