Seiko Mini Snow Monster – SRP481K

The Seiko Monster is no doubt a signature design by Seiko. It started off as a 200m rated diver released in the early 2000s. Due to its popularity, several limited edition as well as JDM models were introduced. In recent years, they are powered by the 4R movement. Besides the 200m diver, Seiko also make several Seiko 5 models that have the monster look. Two nice models that they released recently are the fieldmonster (SRP441) and the mini monster (SRP481K) shown above.

This mini monster is different from the previous model. It is now powered by the 4R36 movement instead of the 7S36 movement. It is also bigger than the 7S model.

Shown above is the 7S model and below is the 4R model. You can see that the hour markers on the 7S model cut into the minute chapter ring. On the 4R model, the hour markers are on the dial and do not interfere with the minute chapter ring.

The diameter of the new model is 43mm excluding crown. The older model is probably 40 or 41mm.

Here are a few shots of the watch.

Diameter: 43mm
Lug width: 22mm
Lug to lug: 50mm
Water resistance: 100m

Seiko 5 SRP481K featured in this post is provided by:

K2 Watch Company
845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex, #03-K1
Singapore 400845
Tel: 6746 0270

7 thoughts on “Seiko Mini Snow Monster – SRP481K

  1. Hi Thomas,

    Great article on the “new-and-improved” lineup of Seiko 5 Sports watches like the SRP481K above. I’m actually surprised to read about the 4R36 caliber making its way downwards Seiko’s affordable line of automatics. I have mixed feelings about Seiko’s latest marketing strategy because the depending on how one views it, either the garden variety Seiko 5 Sports models are given a higher status or the 4R36’s elitist rank as an advanced mechanical caliber is somewhat “cheapened” by fitting to the Seiko 5 Sports models.

    Most people that I’ve spotted wearing the garden variety, Seiko 5 Sports watches that I’ve spoken to in the past don’t really know or care about the movement (I’m not referring to WIS folks here). When asked why they ended up buying the watch, the most common replies that I receive include something like the following:

    a) “I bought this as it looks nice on me”
    b) “It’s well within my budget so I bought it”
    c) “It’s a gift from my other half”
    d) “I’ve always trusted the Seiko brand for years”

    When I asked these folks if they knew anything remotest like jewel count, beat rate, hacking or auxiliary hand-winding, about just one in every ten people would give me a blank stare! 😉 I’ll bet if a comparable 7s36 version of the SRP481K were sold at just 10% less than the 4R36 variant, they’d take the cheaper of the two.

    If you ask me, Seiko shouldn’t have over-diversified its myriad permutations of its low cost Seiko 5 Sports 100m automatics. Since the 4R36 is now entering the mainstream, affordable automatic models, I think Seiko should cease producing the 7s caliber altogether (bearing in mind that this movement is nearing 18 years old) and upgrade the entire Seiko 5 family (except for ladies’ watches) to the 4R36.

    Even if Seiko slightly raised the price of 4R36 based Seiko 5 automatics, there wouldn’t be a shortage of casual and first time buyers. 🙂


    • What I notice is that when the 4R movement was introduced, Seiko brought back the Presage line and started releasing dress watches using different variants of this movement. The 4R36 movement is also used in Seiko Superior as well as the Seiko 5 Sports models. Seiko 5 dress watches however, continues to be powered by the 7S36 movement. The 4R movement is intended to be a mass market movement like the 7S movement.


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