Seiko Clocks in Singapore – Part III

Photo by OdysseyBoy

I started this “Seiko Clocks in Singapore” post to collect pictures of Seiko clocks installed in buildings in Singapore. We are now at Part III of the post as more clocks are being discovered by readers and myself.

Here are the links to Part I and II:

Let’s see what we have in Part III:
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Seiko Clocks in Singapore – Part II

Picture by Fairuz Ahmad aka ruzmidah

I started this post below to consolidate pictures of Seiko clocks found in Singapore.

I have received many contributions from local watch fans and the post is getting too long. So I am starting “Part II” to the original post and will continue to update new entries here.

Now let’s take a look at entry no. 8.
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Seiko Clocks in Singapore

Chinese High School Clock Tower. Photo by BonniPink


I am putting together this blog entry to document the various landmarks and buildings in Singapore where Seiko clocks are installed.

If you spot a Seiko clock in Singapore, please send me a picture.

Now, let’s take a look at the ones that have been discovered.
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