Seiko Clocks in Singapore

Chinese High School Clock Tower. Photo by BonniPink


I am putting together this blog entry to document the various landmarks and buildings in Singapore where Seiko clocks are installed.

If you spot a Seiko clock in Singapore, please send me a picture.

Now, let’s take a look at the ones that have been discovered.

1. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Reader Tang Chee Onn saw this Seiko clock tower at the visitor centre of the Singapore Botanic Gardens and sent me a picture of it.

Photo by Tang Chee Onn

It is a four-faced clock tower showing the time in four different cities.

Here’s a cropped version of Tang’s photo with the clock that shows Singapore time.

Photo by Tang Chee Onn

Here is a picture of two other clocks  that show the time in London and Vancouver respectively. The forth clock shows the time in Tokyo.

Photo by Carolyn

2. Chinese High School

Photo credit: Wikipedia

This 31-metre tall clock tower was completed in 1925. It served as a landmark for the Bukit Timah area where it is surrounded by relatively low-rise private housing estates.

On 19 March 1999, the clock tower was gazetted as a national monument, to mark the significance of the institution as the first Chinese-medium secondary school to be built in Southeast Asia catering to the Overseas Chinese.

The four clocks on the tower were donated by Seiko.

Above text taken from Wikipedia.

The Singapore Clock and Watch Trade Association published an article on Mr. Chia Hoy, the first MD of Thong Sia (Singapore) in their 80th Anniversary commemorative book. From this article, I came to know that the clock tower is a master-slave clock system that could synchronize the time in the school.

Photo by BonniPink

Clock Tower by night. Photo by Xiao Tianwu

3. World Trade Centre

From Chia’s article, I also came to know of a Seiko digital clock tower installed at the World Trade Centre.

In 2003, the mall in the WTC was refurbished and the name of the building was changed to ‘Harbourfront Centre’.

Below is a picture of the World Trade Centre with the digital clock tower next to it. The World Trade Centre was managed by the PSA (Port of Singapore Authority) and hence the letters ‘PSA’ on the clock tower.

Photo taken from Fabulous@80 by the SCWTA

Photo from the National Archives of Singapore

And here’s a picture of the refurbished World Trade Centre or more accurately, the Harbourfront Centre. Although not exactly the same camera angle, it can be seen that the clock tower beside the building is no longer in existence.

Photo taken from Wikipedia

The World Trade Centre held countless exhibitions in its hay days including watch exhibitions.

4. Singapore Science Centre

This Seiko solar clock was located outside the Singapore Science Centre. I’m not sure if it’s still there. It might have been removed to make way for new expansions.

Photo taken from the National Archives of Singapore

Photo taken fromthe National Archives of Singapore

5. Thong Sia Building/Seiko Service Centre

This world time clock is found on the fourth floor of Thong Sia building. It is installed on the wall by the side of the escalator leading to the waiting area of the Seiko Service Centre. I believe this is a Seiko product since it is installed at Thong Sia’s premises.

This picture was taken by me when I visited Thong Sia for the Ananta event on 26th September 2009.

Remember to have a look at it while waiting to collect you watch on your next visit to the Seiko Service Centre.

Photo by Yeoman

6. Changi Airport

Since Chia mentioned that Changi Airport installed Seiko’s time keeping system in 1981, I know some Seiko clocks can definitely be found in the there.

Below is a nice one found in Terminal 2. Pictures were sent to me by Leslie Chang of Big Time who travels frequently.

Photo by Leslie Chang

Photo by Leslie Chang

Here is another Seiko clock at Changi Airport discovered by Ian Yap. He saw this one in the waiting room of the departure hall.

Photo by Ian Yap

7. Serangoon Central Bus Terminal

Picture from Wikipedia

Looks like Seiko clocks are also used in bus terminals in Singapore.

A local watch collector Benjamin Chan spotted a Seiko clock at Serangoon Central Bus Terminal and sent me a picture.

Below is what he wrote:

I was at Serangoon Central bus terminal the other weekend and saw a Seiko clock. I remembered you have a running entry on Seiko clocks in SG so I decided to take a quick snap from my phone.

Its not the best photo since the clock is quite high up, but you can make out the S-E-I-K-O.

Photo by Benjamin Chan

Below is an enlarged picture of the Seiko clock.

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5 thoughts on “Seiko Clocks in Singapore

  1. Good day!

    Would you happen to know if seiko still manufacture clocks for towers (approx. 6m diameter)? we are planning to install one in our building here in the Philippines.


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  3. As reported in the obituary today ( 15th Oct 2015 – Straits times)
    Mr. Chia Hoy passed away 14th Oct 2015.
    He was 90 years old.
    A knowledgeable Seiko advocate which I’m fortunate to learn much from.



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