Remembering National Stadium the WIS way

Picture: Wikipedia

The 25th South East Asian (SEA) Games is currently taking place at Laos. Let me take this opportunity to remember our “soon to be demolished” National Stadium, an important sports facility we have had here in Singapore.

The National Stadium was completed in 1973 and since then had hosted numerous sports and celebration events including major soccer matches, track and field meets, National Day Parades and many more. Many great performers have performed here including the King of Pop, Michael Jackson during his History World Tour in 1996.

In its year of completion in 1973, the National Stadium hosted the 7th SEAP Games and subsequently, it hosted the 12th SEA Games in 1983 and the 17th SEA Games in 1993. Seiko served as the official timekeeper in these three events.

1973 SEAP Games opening ceremony. Picture: National Archives of Singapore

The stadium was officially closed on 30th June 2007 although some soccer matches continued to be hosted here after its closure.

Besides Seiko, I am sure throughout its 34 years of history, other watch companies have served as official timekeeper for sports events that were hosted here at the National Stadium. The National Stadium is not only a place for athletics to strengthen their muscles but also a place for watch companies to strengthen their sports image. The picture below shows an ad at the stadium put up by Citizen with the message “We time better”.

Picture: Fabulous@80 by SCWTA

A new Sports Hub will be built on the same site to replace the National Stadium.

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