Buying A Preowned Rolex

I purchased a preowned Rolex Explorer II(217570) recently and thought it would be nice to share my purchase experience. First, I am fine with both brand new and preowned watches and for Rolex, I believe preowned is the way to go as they can usually be sold at close to their purchase price.

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Watch shops that I have bought from

I often receive e-mails from people asking me where to purchase Japanese watches in Singapore. Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to reply them. Here, I would like to list out the shops that I have bought from and in future, I will just refer people to this post.

There are three major places to purchase Japanese watches in Singapore. They are The Bencoolen, Bras Basah Complex (pictured above) and People’s Park Complex. Here are the shops I have patronized (past and present).
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Seiko Diver’s Watch 45th Anniversary

Seiko released a new shrouded diver (SBBN019) to commemorate the 45th anniversary of its diver’s watch. Included in the package is a metal card that list out some of their landmark divers with many listed as “world’s first”.

In this post, I shall attempt to put a picture to each of the watches listed. Please let me know if I got any of them wrong.
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National Day ’99 Commemorative Seiko (repost)

This is a repost of a blog entry that I posted on my Windows Live blog on June 2008.  It features a custom Seiko watch that was issued to commemorate Singapore’s 34th National Day in 1999.

Recently, a reader, Glenn was given the same watch by his buddy. While searching for information of the watch on the Internet, he stumbled upon my post and contacted me.

I feel this post should be put here for proper archiving since it is the only National Day commemorative Seiko watch that I know of.

Once again, let’s take a look at this National Day Commemorative Seiko from 1999.
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Remembering National Stadium the WIS way

Picture: Wikipedia

The 25th South East Asian (SEA) Games is currently taking place at Laos. Let me take this opportunity to remember our “soon to be demolished” National Stadium, an important sports facility we have had here in Singapore.
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Grand Seiko GMT Automatic

Above is a a new automatic GS GMT model that I discovered recently. I have a post on various automatic GS GMT models in my space dated 28th Jan 2008 and with this new discovery, I am re-posting the article here with the new model updated.

Here’s the article:
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