Grand Seiko GMT Automatic

Above is a a new automatic GS GMT model that I discovered recently. I have a post on various automatic GS GMT models in my space dated 28th Jan 2008 and with this new discovery, I am re-posting the article here with the new model updated.

Here’s the article:


This post is about the Grand Seiko GMT Automatic but before that, here’s a quick look at the successive 9S movements after the introduction of the 9S55 and 9S51 in 1998 as documented by Seiya-san in his great article, The History of Grand Seiko (

Year 2001: 9S54 – Handwind movement
(SBGW001, SBGW003, SBGW005, SBGW007, SBGW008)

Year 2002: 9S56 – Automatic movement with GMT hand
(SBGM001, SBGM003, SBGM007, SBGM009)

Year 2006: 9S67 – Automatic movement with 72 hrs power reserve and indicator hand
(SBGL001, SBGL003)

Year 2009: 9S85 – Hi-beat(36000bph) Automatic movement with 55 hrs power reserve
(SBGH001, SBGH003)

Year 2010: 9S65 – Automatic movement with 72 hrs power reserve and without power reserve indicator hand (SBGR051, SBGR053, SBGR059)

Year 2010: 9S66 – Automatic movement with 72 hrs power reserve and GMT hand (SBGM021, SBGM023)

Year 2011: 9S64 – Handwind movement with 72 hrs power reserve (130th Anniversary models: SBGW033, SBGW039, SBGW040)

Year 2014: 9S86 – Hi-beat(36000bph) automatic movement with GMT hand and 55 hrs power reserve (SBGJ001, SBGJ003, SBGJ005)

Year 2015: 9S61 – Automatic movement with 72 hrs power reserve. Same as 9S65 but no date (SBGR097)

Year 2017: 9S68 – Automatic “large diameter” movement with 72 hrs power reserve (SBGR305)

Note: Some models above may not be released in the same year as their movements.

Grand Seiko GMT Automatic

The GS GMT uses the 9S56 movement which was introduced in year 2002. Prior to that, if you look at the different Grand Seiko models from the very first model right up to the 9S51/9S55 models, you will notice that most of them came with the standard hour, minute and second hands and a date window. There are also some models with day/date window and some without. Hence, the GMT hand can be considered the first complication that was added to the Grand Seiko in so many years of its history.

Master Shop and Regular Editions

The SBGM001 is first model in the GS GMT family. It is a Master Shop edition that was released in 2002 and discontinued in January 2010. The watch comes with black dial and red GMT hand, as well as a stainless steel, non-rotating GMT bezel. Because of it design, it is often compared to the Rolex Explorer II. The SBGM001 has a water resistance rating of 100m and comes with screw in crown. Most Grand Seiko’s have 19mm lug width and the SBGM001 is one of the rare ones that has 20mm lug width.


SBGM001 caseback

The SBGM003 is the second GS GMT model. It was release in year 2004. This watch has a classic design and is fitted with crocodile strap and a beautiful GS folding buckle. It has blue GMT hand and is water resistant to 30m. Unlike the SBGM001 that uses a screw in backback, the SBGM003 uses six screws to secure its caseback. The SBGM003 is also the first GS GMT to be sold outside Japan. In 2005, Seiko launched it’s GS line in Asia and the SBGM003 was included as part of the lineup.


SBGM003 caseback (photo by

SBGM003 buckle (photo by

In 2007, two more models, SBGM007 and SBGM008 were added. The SBGM007 is essentially the SBGM003 on a metal bracelet and the SBGM009 appears to be a variant of the SBGM003 with black dial and red GMT hand.



In October 2010, the new 9S66 movement with a maximum power reserve of 72 hours replaced the 9S56 movement and the following models were introduced. These two models appear to be similar to the classic models above except for the movement. In addition, they come with see-through caseback with Sapphire crystal.



Two more models using the 9S66 movement were released in November 2011. They are SBGM025 and 027 respectively.



In 2014, Seiko released a new series of GS GMT using the 9S86 hi-beat movement. Three Master Shop models were released. Top down – SBGJ001, SBGJ003 and SBGJ005.


Below are limited edition models in 18K white, yellow and pink gold. Top down – SBGJ007, SBGJ008 and SBGJ010.


Special Edition – Isetan
Besides the above GS GMT models, an Isetan Limited Edition (SBGM005) was released in 2005. This watch is similar to the SBGM001 except it has blue dial, orange GMT hand and display back. It is limited to 21 pieces and sold exclusively at Isetan.


SBGM005 caseback

Special Edition – Morioka Seiko

The is a special edition by Morioka Seiko Instruments Inc. It looks identical to the SBGM003 except it is installed with display back and has a gold colored winding rotor printed with the Kanji characters ‘雫石高級時計工房’ or ‘Shizukuishi Watch Studio’. The model number is SBGM00C.


SBGM00C caseback

SBGM00C was subsequently replaced by SBGM00G when it’s movement was changed to Cal. 9S66 with 3 day power reserve. SBGM00G looks identical to the SBGM00C in both front and back.

Special Edition – Hankyu Hanshin Department Stores

This year 2009 special edition is made for Hankyu Hanshin Department Store in Osaka and has a limited production of 30 pieces only. It has the same classic GS GMT case but comes with black dial and gold hour markers and hands. Model number is SBGM011.



Special Edition – Takashimaya Shopping Centre

In 2010, Takashimaya Shopping Centre in Japan released a special edition of the GS GMT. The model number is SBGM013 and it was limited to 50 pieces.

This model is characterized by its red GMT hand as well as the red “GMT” on its dial. It is powered by the 9S56 movement.

Pictures below are taken by

For more info please refer to:

SBGM013 – Picture by SeiyaJapan

SBGM013 – Picture by SeiyaJapan

SBGM013 – Picture by SeiyaJapan

Special Edition – Grand Seiko GMT 10th Year Anniversary

The first Grand Seiko SBGM001 was released in 2002. In 2012, Seiko released the Grand Seiko GMT 10th Year Anniversary models, SBGM029 and SBGM031. These models are powered by the 9S66 movement.

Picture by Gary Chew

Picture by Gary Chew

Here’s the SBGM029 and SBGM031. The SBGM029 is limited to 700 pieces and SBGM031 is limited to 1000 pieces.


Last updated on 20 Oct 2015

28 thoughts on “Grand Seiko GMT Automatic

  1. hi Thomas,
    I was browsing through the Seiko Japan website 2 days ago and as far as I noticed the SBGM001 is missing from the Grand Seiko line up, does that mean the watch is no longer in production? CMIIW


  2. Hi Thomas,
    I know you are from Singapore). I would like to ask you.
    Are there a GS in Singapore? If “yes”, could help me, give me adresses)


  3. Looks like a Seiko SARB027 re-worked into a Grand Seiko dial and movement.

    As much as I can appreciate Grand Seiko mechanical pieces, I much prefer their high end quartz and Spring Drive offerings.


  4. Hello, if time permits could you advise me on which gs manual wind (prefer hi-beat) i should be looking for? thanks, greg

    ps: i live in Lao , and not a big selection available.


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  6. I’d long admired the SBGM003 and hadn’t realised that it was being sold outside Japan.
    In 2008 I was visiting Hong Kong and saw it in a jewellers in the IFC Center ; I had to have it.

    It is a beautiful clean design and although the leather strap is a little short for some European or American wrists , it fits mine.
    Timekeeping is not its strong point and is well below equivalent Swiss Watches.
    Although it is certificated its performance varies from within tolerance to as much as +12 secs a day ; quite a surprise.
    Power reserve is excellent.


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  8. Hi Gary,

    Thank you for consolidating all of this information in one place in a clear, concise manner! You should see if Seiko will allow you to redo their website – it’s been really challenging to find this info, especially for those of us in the United States.

    Do you know why Seiko has chosen to *NOT* include any SuperLuminova on the hands and baton hour markers of these otherwise perfect watches? Sorry if this is an amateurish question.

    I would readily buy a SBGM029 (there’s an authorized dealer here in the States, to which I’d happily drive) but for the lack of luminescent paint on the 4 hands and hour markers.

    Interestingly, the SBGE001 has plenty of SuperLuminova. At the risk of committing blasphemy, can luminescent paint be applied to the hands and hour markers after purchase?

    Thanks again for putting together a great page!



    • Hi DK,

      I think that’s because the 9S Grand Seiko inherited the traditional look of the vintage models. Hence, you won’t find any lume on them. Also, the lack of lume allows them to emphasize on the finishing of the hands and markers.



  9. Hi master,

    I had learn a lot from your great post about GS Auto GMT watch.

    There a small information I want to share, the “Special Edition – Morioka Seiko”, model number should read as SBGM00G instead of SBGM00C.

    Hope this help, once again thank you very much of your hardwork.


    • Hi jac,

      Thanks for bringing my attention to the SBGM00G. Looks like they have changed the movement to 9S66 and changed the model number to SBGM00G. Previously, the watch was powered by the 9S56 movement and its model number was SBGM00C.

      I have edited the post to include a short mention of SBGM00G. Thanks!

      Best regards,


  10. Was there ever a white dial version of the SBGM001? I like the crownguard and the indicies better than the newe models. Is everything else the same besides the updated movt?


    • No, there wasn’t a white dial version of the SBGM001. The new versions are SBGM025 and 027. They have the updated movement but there’s no change in how the date and time are set.


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