Seiko Clocks in Singapore – Part II

Picture by Fairuz Ahmad aka ruzmidah

I started this post below to consolidate pictures of Seiko clocks found in Singapore.

I have received many contributions from local watch fans and the post is getting too long. So I am starting “Part II” to the original post and will continue to update new entries here.

Now let’s take a look at entry no. 8.

8. Tampines New Town

Besides airport, bus terminals, schools and places of interest, Seiko clocks can also be found in our housing estate. Here’s one spotted by Fairuz Ahmad (aka “ruzmidah” on HWZ seiko forum) at his housing estate in Tampines.

Hi Mr Thomas…
Am a lurker at ur blog for so long….
Have found this seiko clock at the small park near my apartment block in Tampines.
Quite a nice monolithic structure.

Picture by Fairuz Ahmad aka ruzmidah

Here’s a close up view of the clock.

Picture by Fairuz Ahmad aka ruzmidah

9. CDAC Building

Picture from CDAC’s website

The CDAC (Chinese Development Assistance Council) is a non-profit organization that is committed to nurturing and developing the Chinese community in contributing to the continued success of multi-racial Singapore.

The CDAC building is located along Tanjong Katong Road, near the watchmaker’s shop that I frequent. I discovered the Seiko clocks on the clock tower of the building one day while on my way to the watchmaker’s shop.

Here are some pictures I took.

Picture by Yeoman

Picture by Yeoman

Here’s a closer view of one of the clocks showing the ‘Seiko’ word. It is pretty hard to see the word even when standing in front of the building because it is really small in relation to the size of the clock.

Picture by Yeoman

There are four clocks on the tower and here’s a picture taken from the back of the building showing the other clocks.

Picture by Yeoman

10. Albert Court
This Seiko clock tower is located at Albert Court next to Albert Court Village Hotel (formerly known as Albert Court Hotel) at Serangoon Road. It is discovered by KG Yong.

Albert Court is a row of shophouses occupied mostly by restaurants and bars.

Picture by KG Yong

Picture by KG Yong

Picture by KG Yong

Picture by KG Yong

Here’s an older photo from

Picture from

11. Changi Budget Terminal
Here’s another Seiko clock spotted by Muachee at the Changi Budget Terminal. It is a simple wall clock instead of the system clocks seen at Changi Terminal 1.

Picture by Muachee

Picture by Muachee

12. Jurong East Bus Terminal
Clocks are very common in bus terminals. Here is a Seiko one found at Jurong East bus terminal. Picture below was taken by watchmaker, Mr. SM Goh from K2 Watch Co.

Picture by SM Goh

Here is a closeup picture of the clock.

Picture by SM Goh

13. People’s Park Complex Food Centre
I came across this old picture that shows the open area in front of People’s Park Food Centre. I noticed a Seiko tower clock located in the man-made pond and fountain. This photo was probably taken in the 80’s or 90’s because the fountain and clock tower are no longer there today.

Here’s an enlarged version of the photo. It is not very clear but you can roughly make out the ‘Seiko’ word on the clock.

I went to this place and took a picture from the same angle. As you can see, the pond and fountain has been replaced by some plants.

******End of Part II******
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