Photos of Seiko Kinetic – SMY141P1

I posted the black military style Seiko Kinetic (SMY143P) in my previous blog entry. The 5M83 kinetic movement has a power reserve of approximately six months when fully charged. I believe you can consider it a grab and go watch since it will most likely have enough power reserve to last through the unused period.

This watch works well with different straps. It comes with a two-piece nylon strap but will also look good on rubber/silicon, leather and nato straps.

Here are some picture of the green dial variant – SMY141P.

Here’s my post on the black dial variant – SMY143P

Seiko SMY141P1 featured in this post is provided by:

K2 Watch Company
845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex, #03-K1
Singapore 400845
Tel: 6746 0270

9 thoughts on “Photos of Seiko Kinetic – SMY141P1

  1. Good review. Handsome nylon/woven strap with the leather “bits” for the notches.
    Couple of questions:
    – Is this watch’s “engine” (internals) based on the Sportura series?
    – roughly how much is this?


    • This watch is powered by the 5M83 Kinetic movement. 5M8X is the latest Kinetic movement by Seiko. Some older Sportura models are using 5M6X movement. E.g SKA563P1. Newer models are using the 5M8X movement. E.g. SUN015P1.

      I believe the price is probably around $200-$300. Please Google around to check.


  2. Thanks, Yeoman. A bit surprise to hear you mentioned the SUN015P1, I have one (bought a few months ago) and found that it is quite accurate (when using my Multiband-6 watch as benchmark).
    This new 5M8X movement must be quite an improvement with a good (great?) control of the charge-discharge cycle of the onboard “battery” (capacitor).
    🙂 I believe, its been a while since you wrote more about movements. Wondering if you can update us (your faithful readers) on the new stuff happening in the movement work from you long-time observations? 😀
    Many thanks in advance.


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