Thailand Limited Edition Sumo – SPB029J


Saw this Thailand Limited Edition Sumo at Big Time yesterday. This is not the first LE Sumo from Thailand but it is the first one that I saw in the metal.

This is basically a Sumo with a different colour scheme and a cyclops on the crystal. It is limited to 1965 pieces.

Here are some quick shots and quick notes of the watch.

The silver dial has a very nice wave texture it. It is very legible because the outline of the hands and hour markers are black.


The words on the dial look wavy at certain angles as shown in the pictures below. This looks like an illusion created by the wave texture.



Nice aluminium case.



The watch also come with a diving goggle.




Plastic container of the goggle has the word “Sumo” printed on it.


Final shot.


16 thoughts on “Thailand Limited Edition Sumo – SPB029J

  1. What is the mechanical movement inside?

    Is the bezel insert ceramic or aluminum?

    Where can I get it in Singapore?

    Any list price in Singapore?


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  3. I’m a huge seiko fan from the US. Can anyone help me located on for sale? I have transaction across many forums. Shoot me an email if so thanks!! dboulders (at) gmail


  4. Any Seiko limited edition,I can find you. Especially Thailand limited edition that goes worldwide as a nice different stye.
    And same quality around the world.


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