Some pictures of the Seiko SARB068


I was lucky enough to see the Seiko Cocktail Time SARB068 again last weekend. This watch was released in 2010 and was limited to 300 pieces.

Seiko has released a Brightz model, SDGM008 that has a similar design except it uses Roman numerals instead of Arabic.

The SARB068 was quite popular but many could not get it because of its limited production quantity. I believe people who like the SARB068 should also like the SDGM008 since they are quite similar. However, the SDGM008 is priced at JPY120,000 while the SARB068 was at JPY65,000. Both prices are pre-tax. You should however note that the SDGM008 comes with Seiko’s Comfotex treatment and two additional straps. It is limited to 500 pieces.

Above – left is the SDGM008 and right is the SARB068.

I haven’t seen the SDGM008 yet but here are some pictures of the SARB068.







This post contains some info on Comfotex:

3 thoughts on “Some pictures of the Seiko SARB068

  1. Chia, try monitoring forums, but I haven’t seen one of these for sale since they were first sold back in 2010, maybe 2011. And with only 300 ever made, they really are super rare on second hand market!


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