Cellphone Shots of the 2014 Orient X STI – EL07003D


Here are some cellphone shots of the 2014 Orient X STI, EL07003D. This model was launched just before the end of 2014. I saw the freight forwarder delivered cartons of this watch to Big Time that Saturday afternoon.

Unlike past STI models, this model does not have the usual carbon fibre dial but instead it has a very eye catching blue dial.

The EL07003D is based on the 2014 version of M-Force diver. I also notice that there is no STI model in 2013. As such, there isn’t a STI model based on the 2013 titanium M-Force diver.

A link to my review of the 2014 M-Force diver is provided at the end of this post. Meanwhile, here are my cellphone shots.










Next to the M-Force diver, EL07002H. Notice the positions of the power reserve sub-dial and date window are different on both watches.




Next to the M-Force diver, EL07002B.


Caseback details. Watch is limited to 1500 pieces worldwide.



Outer and inner boxes.






Here’s my review of the 2014 M-Force which this version of Orient X STI is based on.


5 thoughts on “Cellphone Shots of the 2014 Orient X STI – EL07003D

  1. My 2 cents… Got my first Orient Limited Edition EL07003D at Bigtime. Blown away by the blue face when I first saw it. Wore it proudly to the Singapore Motorshow. Of course, probably no one even noticed. Didn’t care. I own a Subaru!

    Need to wear it in a little more to give judgement on the M-Force movement. Blue face really draws you in. Because I only started collecting Orients, I missed out on the 2012 Edition. Really preferred the power reserve that looks like a car’s fuel gauge.

    Felt that after wearing dive/sport watches like the Seiko SBDC007 (Titanium) or the Orient Mako, the weight of the watch takes some getting used to again. But feel that after extended use, it just wears into the wrist (ie won’t even notice it was there).

  2. I want to thank you for these excellent photos. I just bought this limited edition. I have several other Orient watches. Really superb timepieces.

  3. This watch looks pretty large and heavy. May I know how did it feel on your wrist as compared to the Seiko Sumo?

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