Orient M-Force 2014 Model – EL07002B


The M-Force name was revived in 2011 and since then, a 200m M-Force diver is released each year without fail. This time round, I managed to take a look at the 4th M-Force model, the black dial EL07002B. This watch is also the biggest model in terms of size compared to the previous models. Every M-Force diver is compliant with three ISO standards namely ISO 6425 diver’s watches, ISO 764 anti-magnetic watches and ISO 1413 shock-resistant watches.

Here’s a quick look at the EL07002B.

This watch comes with a stripe patterned dial. The hands and hour markers are nicely designed and look like they are unique to this watch (not shared with other models). The power reserve sub-dial being located at the 12 o’clock position makes the dial look balanced.


Here is a side profile shot showing the signed crown. The watch is fitted with a black rotating bezel and flat sapphire crystal.


The crown is located at the 3 o’clock position and is protected by a set of crown guards.


The case is quite symmetrical as the other side of the case has a similar shape as the side with the crown guards.


Another side shot.


The new M-Force diver comes with integrated bracelet. Below are a few shots to show the details of the bracelet.







Caseback is not much different from previous M-force models.


The lume is pretty bright although they are quite skinny on the hour markers. I also notice that on this specimen, the bezel pip has blue coloured lume whereas the lume on the hands and marker is green.


Here are a few more shots of the EL07002B.




Diameter: 49.1mm excluding crown
Thickness: 13.6mm
Lug Width: NA
Water resistance: 200m

Orient M-Force EL07002B featured in this post is provided by

1 Commonwealth Lane
One Commonwealth #03-24
Singapore 149544
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

21 thoughts on “Orient M-Force 2014 Model – EL07002B

    • Orient’s website says it is 49.1mm. I measured it and found that it is indeed 49.1mm excluding the crown but including the crown guard and the part protruding out at the 9 o’çlock of the case.


  1. Went to Big Time just to see this beast. It indeed feels solid and good in the hand ! Great presence but too bad they didn’t have the all black and red-face version there. Wish they were priced around $4XX though.


  2. I have tried it on at watch guru and it wears about the same as 44mm gruppo gamma I was wearing at the time. dun be put off by the 49.1mm size.I have a 6.7 inch wrist btw.


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  5. A big muscle bound made in Japan 200m Divers watch, with a quality inhouse Japanese movement (40N5A) which hand winds + hacks, power reserve indicator.
    Sapphire crystal, 120 click bezel, this is a awesome looking diver in my opinion, that looks tough & with three ISO ratings to back it up.
    The IP coated black with blue dial looks great, it will make a big statement when worn on all occasions “just ordered one”..


    • I just purchaced the red face. Its a real beauty. The watch is an absolute steal for the price. The integrated bracelet is not as much a let down as I toughts. Its has solid end links and compliments the watch perfectly. It had squeeky sounds at first but after I sized it to my wrist it was as silent as my other watches.

      FYI. Converting a silicone or leather strap for this watch is easy. I modified one myself and its perfectly fine. The strap is now unusable for other watches but I dont care about that. Gives me a reason to buy more straps ..


  6. Hi, nice work with the silicone strap. Did you use spring bars or pins to attach it, how did you prevent the pins from working loose, as the ends of the strap look open?


  7. Hi, I have just purchased the red faced model as well, one disconcerting thing is that after handling the watch I noticed tiny specks of metal on my fingers, further inspection showed that the watch pillow and inner liner was full of these specks, there wasn’t any visible damage to the watch case or bracelet, has anyone else had this experience?
    I can confirm that it wears much smaller than its dimensions indicate, it feels smaller than my Seiko Map Meter on wrist (but the bracelet is not as nice.)
    Is it a 26mm silicone band that you swapped out?


    • Hey buddy

      I’m sorry to hear about the metal pieces your finding. If the watch is perfect than I wouldnt worry about it.

      To answer your question.. Yes 26 mm is the strap size. You can do 24mm but it wont look as fluid with the case outer edge lines.


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