Lug Adapters for the Citizen Autozilla NH6930-09F

I bought this Citizen 1000m diver in 2004 and have been wearing it on its original rubber strap for the last six years. It is time for a change but strap options are limited due to its proprietary strap design.

Fortunately, someone in Thailand designed and produced an adapter that enables the watch to have regular lugs and suddenly, a world of strap options became available to the watch.

This adapter for the Citizen 1000m diver can be purchased from:

The purchasing process was very simple. First, I sent an email to the seller to check if the item was in stock. Upon confirmation of stock availability, I went to the above website to make a purchase. Payment was by Paypal and upon paying, I sent another email to inform seller I have placed my order.

The seller was very prompt in replying emails and the whole thing (from buying to shipping) happened within the same day. This is probably because there is only one hour time difference between Singapore and Thailand. Those living on the other side of the world may have a different experience.

Eight days later, the package arrived. I believe the package was sent by registered mail as it was delivered to my door step and had to be signed for.

The item is shipped in a padded envelope and each adapter was placed in a plastic bag for protection.

Here are the adapters. They came with spring bars installed. Seller has also included an extra spare pair of spring bars. The lug width of the adapter is 24mm.

On the Autozilla, the rubber strap is attached and held in place by a ring on its caseback so the first step is to remove this ring by removing the four screws. Be sure to use the correct tool.

Once the ring is removed, remove the rubber strap from the watch.

Picture below shows the watch with the rubber strap removed.

Next, put in the adapters.

Place the ring back and fasten the four screws.

Below are a few more pictures of the adapter on the watch. They fit very nicely on the watch and the lugs are very well finished.

The colour of the brush finishing is actually quite close to the Duratect finishing. Just a tad brighter I would say. According to the seller’s site, the adapters are made with 316L stainless steel.

Note: I am not affiliated to the seller.

48 thoughts on “Lug Adapters for the Citizen Autozilla NH6930-09F

  1. Nice articles and great pictures Thomas. Thats the only thing stopping me from buying a citizen 200 or 300m watch is that stupid strap design. Now I might get me one of them. 🙂 Cheers


  2. Hi Thomas,
    These have been available via Walter for years. They work very well and without them, I wouldn’t be enjoying my eco-zilla.

    I glad you are enjoying these.

    Take care!


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  4. I just bought an Eco-Zilla and the Suppa adapters as well. I will have a great time with this setup; I have so many 24mm straps because I own a Panerai. Sweet!


  5. Thanks very much Thomas..For your very clear and sharp images and good information..
    My eco zilla and adapters are on the way..I think a maratac zulu strap will work well..
    Or in metal a watchadoo 24mm bracelet,which I already have..

    Are you happy with your 1000 metre auto zilla? The regular version is quite solid..That one must be a tank.. Anyway,many thanks once again. Martin (Canada)


    • You are welcome, Martin. I have the Autozilla since 2004/5 and couldn’t be happier. It is big and built like a tank. The adapters made me like it even more. This is the only Citizen that I have at the moment.

      Best regards,


  6. Thomas

    Thank you for posting this excellent information. I received my package from Thailand in about 10 days. I have the Autozilla and I sure like it much better now. Thank you !!


  7. Thomas

    I forgot to mention that I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. The rubber strap was OK. But, I love the comfort of the leather band and appearance of these adapters for this watch. Thank you again. Gary


  8. Thanks a lot Yeoman, really, because I don’t wear my Citizen 1000 as often as I’d like, just not to use the strap too much !
    Now I will as often as I want with this adapter !

    Thanks a lot from France 😉



  9. Hi!
    I found an Italian craftsman specializing in accessories for racing motorcycles that would produce titanium adapters citizen “Autozilla”.
    If there is someone interested, contact me, I hope that together we can get a good price.
    sorry for my bad English!


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  11. Looks AWESOME! What is the lug tip to lug tip dimension? I have a small a wrist can not handle anything over 50mm 😦 Thanks Yeoman!


  12. Los Zillas son auténticas bestias diseñadas para la vida marina. Si no tienes problemas von su estética de herramienta, te llevas un gran reloj, muy duradero y eficiente. Gracias por mantener esta excelente pagina.


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