Seiko Presage – Thong Sia Limited Edition

This limited edition Seiko Presage is a gift that Thong Sia Group presented to its dealers during the Christmas season. This is not a newly designed watch but a SSA011J with a custom caseback.

Here’s the caseback of the Thong Sia Limited Edition Presage.

The watch was presented to the dealers in this packaging.

Carrying case:

Outer box:

Inner box and 4R manual:



Close up shot of the message in the inner box.

Hang tags:

I have a post on the SSA011J here:

9 thoughts on “Seiko Presage – Thong Sia Limited Edition

  1. Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for the heads up. I do find it odd that, for a limited edition release, this particular SSA001J has regular serial numbers, instead of e.g., 001/1000 denoting its limited edition status.

    I guess Thong Sia arranged for these commemorative watches to be etched with special markings not found on the regular SSA001Js. What is obvious is that the caseback etchings look like they were given a special attention to; the standard issue ones have a rather dismal, plain looking caseback with no indication that it’s part of the Presage family.

    We can compare the level of finishing on the regular SSA001J here: (hope this image link works) 🙂

    The old Presage lineup, as I recall them had the name “Presage” inscribed on the dial. The new ones don’t; and it seems like Seiko just decides that the SSA001J (and its brothers) should belong to the Presage family merely by the accompanying tags.

    great post, thanks!



    • Hi Stratman,

      I think the reason why it only have the regular serial number is because this is a “not for sale” watch. Since it was meant to be a gift to major dealers, not having the “1/1000” format enables them to avoid disclosing how many pieces were given out.

      Your link didn’t work but yes, the regular version has a rather plain caseback compared to this one. Here’s a caseback shot of the SSA011J from my blog.

      You are right. The current Presage lineup do not have the “Presage” name inscribed on the dial. They should have put the name on the dial like what they did for Premier models.

      Best regards,


  2. Hi Thomas: thanks for your wonderful photos. I was looking at Stratman’s photo of the
    regular caseback and your photo of the limited edition caseback and I think the regular
    caseback is stamped while the limited edition one is photo etched. The stamped back
    most likely is deeper and the etched one is more shallow. The etched one actually shows
    better as they have put in a granular effect in the middle of each letter, but most likely
    the stamped one, which is not that clear in some parts of the photo will last longer. What do
    you think?


    • Hi Paul,

      Here’s a better picture caseback pic of another Presage model, SSA017. The small wordings such as “Sapphire Crystal”, etc that are common to both watches appear to be the same. The customized wordings on the Thong Sia LE watch is probably etched as I can see the granular effect that you mentioned.



  3. Hi Thomas,

    Speaking of limited editions, you should do a search for this lovely number, SEIKO AUTOMATIC Limited Edition SRP236K1! Hope to see a watch review as well, if you do get a chance to handle it!

    It’s an offspring from a Emperor Tuna and a Monster (with some hints of a Frankenmonster in the mix) and it looks just super cool! There’s also a Gold version as well but I like the PVD body with Gold bezel one more!

    New year’s Bonus . . . please come quick! LOL!

    Wishing you and your loved ones a Very Happy, Posperous and Blessed Chinese New Year! May the Earth Dragon Year bring much new fortune to fuel the watch collection to a new high!

    Best wishes,



      • Hi Thomas,

        Ya with 1300 examples, it’s pretty scarce. I was fortunate enough to see them on the website of a Malaysian seller.

        The SRP236K1 has rose gold bezel and strap buckle, brown plastic case guard and strap, PVD case and crown with hacking and manual winding, automatic 4R36 movement. Dial is metallic pearl brown in colour . . . pretty zany and will not appeal to some . . but not me! It’s really striking and ultimately unique.

        Hands are rose gold with lumibrite and so are the hour markers on the dial.

        One unique watch. The plastic case guard looks a bit feeble and doen’t inspire much confidence in the strenght of it’s function of protecting the case from BIG knocks! ;-P

        Nice execution by Seiko none the less, IMHO.

        Best regards,



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