Seiko Prospex Diver SPB288J1 “Mystic Lagoon” – Seiko Boutique Special Edition

Here’s a new variant of the Seiko Captain Willard that is released exclusively as a Seiko Boutique Edition. There are three Seiko Boutiques in Singapore and this was purchased at the one located at Vivo City (excellent customer service. Thank you).

The model number of this watch is SPB288J1 and it is powered by the 6R35 movement with 70 hours of power reserve.

This watch is called “Mystic Lagoon” and below are two design elements that I believe have something to do with the lagoon.

  • the textured blue dial that mimics the gentle ripples on the water surface.
  • a rose gold bezel to emphasize the fact that water in the lagoon is separated from the sea by a barrier.

The watch comes with a metal bracelet which I have removed and replaced with an aftermarket single pass nylon strap. This is how I prefer to wear it.

The back of the watch is engraved with the words “Seiko Boutique Special Edition”.

This watch has a listed price of SGD1819.00 which is lower than that of the black dialed SPB151J1 which is priced at SGD2104.70. Prices mentioned are inclusive of GST.

Below are some pictures of the SPB288J1.

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