Seiko 4R57 Cocktail Time – SSA363J Sakura Hubuki

I managed to get hold of the Seiko Presage Cocktail Time, SSA363J “Sakura Hubuki” for photo taking. This watch is limited to 3500 pieces and is basically the same watch as the earlier model with sunburst dial except it has a different dial texture. I have reviewed one of the sunburst dial models (link at the bottom of this post) so this post will be a quick photo review of the Sakura Hubuki model.
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Seiko Recraft “UFO” – SRPC13K, SRPC15K, SRPC16K

This time round, I am looking at a recraft model from Seiko. This model was released in Singapore in November/December 2017. There are several variants and I managed to get three of them for this post. They are the SRPC13K (ss case with blueish green dial), SRPC15K (black case with black dial), and SRPC16K (gold case with brown dial). There are at least two more variants not shown in this post.
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Pictorial Review: Seiko 62MAS Reissue (6R15 Version) – SPB051J

This time round, I had the opportunity to handle the 6R15 version of the 62MAS reissue. This is a local specimen and hence the model number is SPB051J. The model number in Japan is SBDC051. It was released along with the SBDX019 in 2017.
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Seiko Mini Turtle – SRPC41K (PADI Edition)

This time round I had the opportunity to look at a new diver from Seiko. People have already nicknamed it “Mini Turtle”. This variant I have on hand is a PADI version, SRPC41K. It was released in Singapore in December 2017 along with three regular editions – SRPC35K (black dial with bracelet), SRPC37K (black dial with rubber strap), SRPC39K (blue dial with rubber strap).

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Seiko 5 Sports – SRPB19K

It has been years since I last posted a Seiko 5 on this blog. Therefore, this time round, I am posting one and it is one which I like and would recommend. Being a Seiko 5, there are many colour variants of this watch and the variant I have on hand is the SRPB19K.
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Seiko Samurai 2017 Stainless Steel model

The Seiko Samurai is a popular 200m diver released by Seiko in the mid 2000s. Seiko released them in titanium and stainless steel with the titanium version as a JDM model and the stainless steel as a worldwide model. I’m not sure when was the ss version discontinued but I do know the Ti model was discontinued in 2008 and became very rare over the years.

This year, Seiko reissued the Samurai in stainless steel worldwide. Shown above is the PEPSI variant (SRPB53K) that I had the opportunity to handle.

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