Seiko Limited Edition Kinetic Chronograph – SNL067

Seiko released a limited edition Kinetic chronograph recently and I had the opportunity to check it out in person. This watch is limited to 750 pieces. Here is a quick photo review.

Side shots:



Bracelet and clasp:

Box with piano finishing:

Hang tag:

Watch is distributed in Singapore by Thong Sia Co.
Photos taken at K2 watch Co.

9 thoughts on “Seiko Limited Edition Kinetic Chronograph – SNL067

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  2. I have owned Seiko kinetic watches for over ten yrs & love em’ , Kinetic’s have never given me any problems what so ever . In fact i highly regard Seiko kinetic watches as super reliable & accurate time pieces , so i purchased a new Arctura Perpetual Kinetic on 02/04/13 , i really like the piece above ‘thumbs up’ .


  3. Yes from approx the year 2000 onwards , Seiko kinetics are done with using first generation capacitors & now use Lithium-Ion capacitors . My previous Arctura kinetic chronograph was 10yo when i flipped it & never had any power reserve issues , Seiko kinetic do need wrist time , also its best to wear them daily to keep them from dropping charge . Kinetic’s aint drawer queens or for ppl that dont move , when worn daily they easily stay at full charge & offer up to 6 months power reserve .


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