Two-piece Cordura Strap by

I reviewed the single pass cordura strap by a few weeks ago and found it to be an excellent strap. This time round, I had the opportunity to try out the two-piece version which is made from the same cordura material. Let’s take a look.

The two-piece Cordura strap by is made from the 1000D Cordura nylon material which has high resistance against abrasion. It will hold up very well against daily use as well as anything that it may encounter during sports or adventurous activities such diving, trekking, camping, mountain climbing, cycling, backpacking, etc.

The strap is 130mm at the long end and 80mm at the short end excluding the buckle. It is lined with a layer of brown leather at the lug end to add to its rugged look. The leather also allowed the strap to come with quick release spring bars.

The strap is approximately 4mm thick at the leather section and 2mm to 3mm thick at the nylon section. It has the same width at both its lug end and buckle end (not tapered).

The strap comes with brushed stainless steel hardware and the holes on the long end are riveted to prevent fraying. The back of the strap is lined with a layer of cotton material for comfort and breathability.

Below are some pictures of the two-piece Cordura strap on my watches.

Final thoughts:
The two-piece Cordura strap by like the single pass version that I reviewed a few weeks ago is quality strap that can be used with all kinds of sports watches. Choice of material is very thought out and the workmanship is top notch. Personally, I see myself using them very often on my military and pilot style watches. The combination of nylon and leather on this strap will certainly give my watches a refreshing look.

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Pictures and text by Yeoman.
Thanks for viewing.

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