Cordura Watch Straps by

This time round I had the opportunity to try out a high quality Cordura strap from I have a mixture of 20mm and 22mm models here. Let’s take a look.

The Cordura strap by is made from high quality and durable Cordura nylon material. Cordura nylon which is known to be highly resistant to abrasion and tear. This strap is 125mm at the long end and 70mm at the short end excluding the buckle. It is lightly padded and has same colour stitching along its edges as you can see the picture below.

The strap tapers 2mm from lug end to buckle end and has a thickness of approximately 4mm. It is fitted with a solid stainless steel buckle with brushed finishing. There are 8 holes on the strap to cater to different wrist sizes.

On the back of the strap is a layer of genuine leather backing. It is soft, comfortable and provides some resistance to moisture on the wrist.

You can see the Watchbandit brand name on the leather.

The strap feels stiff initially but after some massaging and wrist time, it started to become softer. I am sure it will be even softer after a few weeks of use.

Below are some pictures of the strap on my watches.

Dark Grey 22mm model on the Seiko Blue Lagoon Turtle.

Black 22mm model on the grey dial Seiko Turtle.

Khaki 20mm model on the Oris Big Crown.

Military Green 20mm model on the Longines Big Eye Chronograph.

Final thoughts:
Overall, the Cordura strap by is a high quality strap that has the right mix of material. On the front, you have the Cordura nylon for abrasion and tear resistance and at the back, you have a layer of soft genuine leather for comfort and moisture resistance. This combination results in a strap that is strong enough to last a long time.

Cordura Watch Straps featured in this post are provided by:

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Text and pictures by Yeoman.
Thanks for viewing.

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