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This time round I had the opportunity to try out the StrapoDUO by This is an interesting strap because you get to use two colours with a single strap purchase. Let’s take a look.

The StrapoDUO is made from premium silicone material that is soft, odourless and does not attract dust. It measures 120mm at the long end and 75mm at the short end excluding buckle. It has a thickness of 2mm.

Each strap has two colours and comes with two pairs of keepers (one pair for each colour).

Below is the Polar/Grey model. It is white colour on the front and grey colour on the back. It comes with a pair of white keepers and a pair of grey keepers. If you want to use it as a grey strap, simply remove the buckle and install it the other way round so that the grey side becomes the front and the white side becomes the back. You can match it with the grey or white keepers depending on which colour you prefer.

Below are four ways you can wear the strap.

Here are some pictures of the strap on my Seiko watches.

Final thoughts:
The StrapoDUO is a value for money strap because you get to wear two colours with a single strap. It is like getting two straps for the price of one. The strap is well made and comes with a nice stainless steel buckle. It is suitable for sports watches and weekend watches.

StrapoDUO straps featured in this post are provided by
You can use discount code “YEOMANSEIKO” to enjoy 10% discount on your purchases.

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Pictures and text by Yeoman.
Thanks for viewing.

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