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This time round I had the opportunity to try out a silicone racing strap by This strap is called the strapoRACER according to the company’s unique naming convention. Let’s take a look.

The StrapoRACER is made from soft silicone strap and features a coloured stripe that runs along its edges. The silicone material is odourless and does not attract dust. It is 125mm at the long end and 78mm at the short end and tapers 2mm to the buckle. The samples I have are 22mm models and they taper to 20mm at the buckle.

The strap comes with tire pattern on it’s underside and has a beefy brushed finished stainless steel buckle. The thickness of the strap is around 3.5mm.

Below are some pictures of the StrapoRACER on my Hamilton Intra-matic 1968. The thickness of the strap makes it strong enough to hold the weight of the chronograph watch.

Here are some pictures of the straps on my Seiko divers.

Final thoughts:
Although the StrapoRACER is marketed as a racing strap, it is actually a very versatile strap. The lack of perforation makes it suitable for different types of watches especially sports and diving watches as silicone is a waterproof material.

Overall, I find that the StrapoRACER is beautiful and well made silicone strap.

StrapoRACER straps featured in this post are provided by
You can use discount code “YEOMANSEIKO” to enjoy 10% discount on your purchases.

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Pictures and text by Yeoman.
Thanks for viewing.

3 thoughts on “StrapoRACER by

  1. Any experience on how many days they take to ship the straps ? Ordered mine a week ago, no sign of shipping and no reply to email as well.


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