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I received a couple of new straps from and will be reviewing them here on this blog. The first strap I’m reviewing in this post is called the SEAL strap. Let’s take a look.

This strap is made from seat belt nylon that has several plus points such as comfort, thickness and a nice, tight and durable weaving.

The key feature of the SEAL strap however, is at it’s buckle. It comes with a slide lock buckle instead of the standard pin buckle. There are no holes on the strap which adds to the comfort.

This is a single pass strap that runs under the watch. Besides the buckle, there is also a movable loop that keeps the strap end in place.

When wearing the strap, you simply strap it around your wrist and run the strap end through the buckle and adjust it to your desired tightness. I believe most people have experience with this kind of buckle on their bags and belts although it may take a while to get the technique right when putting it on the wrist.

Once the desire tightness is reached, the strap is held in place by tension and does not loosen easily. If you have a smaller wrist, you may fold the excess strap end backward and tuck it into the loop.

Both the buckle and loop are made from stainless steel material and have brushed finishing. There is also a nice logo of on the buckle.

Below are some pictures of my watches on the strap.

Final thoughts:
The SEAL is a very unique and cool strap with its slide lock buckle and seat belt nylon. It is a minimalist nylon
strap that I would certainly recommend. It is single pass with no holes on it, no pin on the buckle but does the same job as a regular NATO strap with just a buckle and a loop. It is suitable for dive watches as well as field watches and other sports watches.

SEAL straps featured in this post are provided by:

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Pictures and text by Yeoman.
Thanks for viewing.

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