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I received another batch of straps from consisting of some silicon NATO straps and a pair of vintage inspired Tropic straps. I decided to review the Tropic strap first as this is a strap that I have never used before.

This strap is available in black and orange and is made from a genuine mold from the 1960’s. It uses a better type of silicon rubber that is tougher and does not attract dusk. This is really true because I looked through all the pictures I took of the them and could not find a speck of dust being captured.

The strap is perforated and has a basket weave texture on its surface. These are the two design characteristics that make the Tropic strap different from other straps.

Some straps come with two keepers but this one comes with a big one which I really like.

Another characteristics of the Tropic strap is that it has a unique design on the back that works in conjunction with the perforation to provide ventilation so the wrist does not feel warm.

Long end: 13cm
Short end: 8cm excluding buckle

This specimen I have here is 22mm at the lugs and tapers to 20mm at the buckle. The strap is 4mm at its thickest part near the lug end and tapers slightly along its body. It comes with a standard stainless steel buckle.

One thing I like about the strap is that it is able to take the thick Seiko spring bars which most silicon straps don’t. I am able to fit in the Seiko spring bars with my bare hands and remove them by pushing them out with the pointed end of a spring bar tool without any difficulty (no silicon gel required too).

I find that the strength of the material is just perfect. It is tough enough to support heavier watches and yet does not feel stiff. I like that it has started showing some curvature after some time.

This Tropic strap from is made with 100% waterproof material and can be used on vintage divers, vintage inspired divers as well as modern divers. It can also be put on racing themed and other sports watches.

Below is the black Tropic strap on some of my Seiko divers.

If you prefer something more eye catching, you can also try the orange version. Here is it on my Seiko divers.

Below is a gallery of wrist shots of the black and orange Tropic straps on various watches. Click to view (for bigger image, right click and select “open in new tab”).


Tropic strap featured in this post are provided by:

Please visit the above site to find out more.


This post is written by Yeoman.

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