KVARNSJÖ Straps by CheapestNATOStraps.com

This time round, I had the opportunity to review a few vintage style leather straps from cheapestnatostraps.com, an online strap shop. These vintage style straps are handmade in Sweden and are characterized by their stitched lug end and buckle end, as well as a ‘V’ stitch at the tip of the strap.

Let’s take a look at the various models.


Strap 1: KVARNSJÖ Vintage Cedar

This light honey coloured strap with white stitches is my favorite colour for vintage style straps. It matches well with various dial colours particularly brown, black, white, beige and many others and it is always the first colour to get sold out.

This strap has a fold over construction with the font and back having the same calf leather material. It is 2.5mm thick throughout and tapers by 2mm to the buckle. The specimen I have here is 22mm at the lug and tapers to 20mm at the buckle.

As you can see in the pictures below, the strap comes with quick release spring bars, making it easy to install or remove.

Short end: 8cm excluding buckle
Long end: 12cm

Due to its colour, this strap will add to the vintage feel of any vintage or reissued watches. It will also work well with contemporary watches. Here, I have it on a black Seiko Turtle which is modeled after the vintage 6309 with cushion case.

Here’s the KVARNSJÖ Vintsge Cedar on the classic Hamilton Khaki field watch.


Strap 2: KVARNSJÖ Vintage Coffee

The next strap I have here is the KVARNSJÖ Vintsge Coffee. All the straps in this review are made of soft leather and all of them are very soft and comfortable to wear. The KVARNSJÖ Vintsge Coffee, I must say, is ultra soft. It is the softest strap among them.

Besides being soft, the leather is also very smooth to touch. I also like the grain on the strap as they are not too close and not too far apart. The look of this strap actually remind me of beef steak more than coffee.

This specimen I have is 22mm at the lugs at tapers to 20mm at the buckle. It is 2.5mm thick throughout.

Short end: 8cm excluding buckle
Long end: 12cm

The strap has a black leather lining on the reverse side and it is the only strap in this review that does not come with quick release spring bars.

Like the Vintage Cedar, the KVARNSJÖ Vintage Coffee is suitable for vintage, reissued and contemporary watches. Here, I have it on the Seiko SRP775. It has a very nice grain as you can see in the picture below.

Here’s the KVARNSJÖ Vintsge Coffee on a vintage Seiko 6309. This dark coloured strap is suitable for faded and weather-worn watches as it is low profiled and does not overshadow the watch it is installed on.


Strap 3: KVARNSJÖ Vintage Dark Brown Pepsi

The third strap in this review is the KVARNSJÖ Vintage Dark Brown Pepsi. This is a tanned leather strap with blue and red stitches, giving it the Pepsi theme.

This strap has a matte surface and if you like straps that show signs of wear as you use them, this is the strap for you. After using it for a while, I notice some light marks on the straps which really add to the ruggedness of the strap

This strap has a fold over construction and comes with quick release spring bars.

Short end: 8cm excluding buckle
Long end: 12cm

Due to its blue and red stitching, this strap is suitable for watches with Pepsi bezel or watches with a blue or red dials. Of course, it can also be put on watches without blue and red theme.

Here, I have put it on my Seiko PADI SRPA21K.

Here it is on a non-Pepsi themed diver.


Straps 4 and 5: KVARNSJÖ Brown & Black and KVARNSJÖ Black

The last two straps are similar except for their colour. The black strap comes with contrasting white stitching while the brown strap comes with black stitching.

Like the other straps, these strap have a fold over construction. The back has the same material as the front with no lining sewn onto it. They come with quick release spring bars for easy installation.

Short end: 8cm excluding buckle
Long end: 12cm

The specimens I have are 20mm which allows me to show them on non-diver watches. On the left is the KVARNSJÖ Brown & Black on the Seiko Presage SRPB47J and on the right is the KVARNSJÖ Black on the Seiko SARG009. The straps really compliment the watches and if you are new to these two Seiko watches, you wouldn’t have thought they are on aftermarket straps.


Below is a gallery of wrist shots of the KVARNSJÖ straps on various watches. Click to view (for bigger image, right click and select “open in new tab”) .


KVARNSJÖ straps featured in this post are provided by:


These straps are priced between USD15.95 to USD19.95 each.

Please visit the above site to find out more.



This post is written by Yeoman.

Thanks for reading.




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