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In this post, I continue to take a look at the straps that I received from They are very interesting straps that make your watches more fun to wear. Let’s take a look.

Strap 1: Paratrooper Strap

The first strap is the Paratrooper strap which is made with elastic nylon material. There are a number of Marine Nationale inspired straps in the market but this one has a slightly different design. It has a latch at one end and a movable buckle on the body of the strap. The other end of the strap is free instead of being attached to the body by a metal loop.

The strap is 265mm long excluding the latch.

Due to the design, there is no need to remove the spring bars when putting the strap onto the watch. All you need to do is to remove the buckle and run the strap under the watch as shown in the picture below. Once done, install the buckle back onto the strap and slide it to a position that gives you your desired tightness.

The openings on the buckle are small enough to prevent the strap from loosening by itself.

The picture below shows how it should look like when installed correctly.

Overall, I find that this strap is very easy to install and easy to strap onto the wrist. The last opening on the buckle is made bigger to make it easier for the latch to hook on to it. The strap feels comfortable on the wrist and does not loosen even with heavier watches.

Strap 2: Tropic Sports 2.0 TPU

The next strap is the Tropic Sports 2.0 TPU. This strap is inspired by the popular Tropic strap from the 60’s. It is made of TPU rubber and has a nice texture on its surface.

The long end of the strap measures 115mm and the short end is 75mm excluding buckle. The sample I have here is 22mm at the lug end and tapers to 18mm at the buckle end. It has a thickness of 4mm.

Overall, I find that this is a good quality strap. The TPU rubber is stiffer than silicon material and holds the watch very well. It is also flexible enough to take the shape of my wrist when worn. There is a vintage feel to it that makes it works well with vintage and vintage inspired divers. The rubber material is odourless and does not attract dust.

Strap 3: Velcro Diver Strap

The next strap is a velcro diver strap that is made using ballistic nylon material with velcro material stitched to it. It is 250mm long excluding the ring.

Installation is pretty easy. If the watch has a bigger lug space, you can install it without removing the spring bars. If the lug space is small, you will need to remove the spring bars during installation.

Overall, this is a very simple strap. It is very easy to put on the wrist and very easy to remove.

Strap 4: Jubilee Nylon Strap

The last strap is a single pass nylon strap. The nylon material has an interesting weaving that mimics the look of the jubilee bracelet. The other side of the strap however, has the standard texture found on most nylon strap material.

The strap is 270mm long excluding the buckle and has a thickness of 1.2mm. It comes with stainless steel hardware with polished finishing and are stitched on to the strap.

Overall, this strap is very comfortable to wear as the material is smooth and soft. If you like jubilee bracelet and nylon strap, this strap may be for you.

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Pictures and text by Yeoman.
Thanks for viewing.

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