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This time round I had the opportunity to try out the StrapoFIT by This strap is a curved end silicone strap that is designed specifically to fit the lug shape of the Seiko Turtle. Let’s take a look.

The StrapoFIT is made from high tensile silicone material that is soft, flexible and does not attract dust. It is made specifically for the Seiko Turtle. If you measure it with the curved ends included, the strap 125mm at the long end and 77mm at the short end excluding buckle. Excluding the curved end, the measurement is 118mm and 70mm respectively. This measurement is taken from the spring bar to the tail end and the buckle end of the strap.

The strap takes certain design cues from the Seiko Z22 rubber strap. These include the flat vents and the style of the keeper.

The body of the strap is 5mm at its thickest part, tapering to 3mm at the buckle end. It comes with a very solid stainless steel buckle.

The strap comes with a pair of 2.5mm spring bars. For comparison, on the left is the spring bar that came with the StrapoFIT and on the right is the Seiko “Fat” spring bar.

Below are some pictures of the StrapoFIT on my Seiko Turtles.

Final thoughts:
The StrapoFIT is a very good strap option for the Seiko Turtle. The three samples I have are very well made and are of good quality. As for the installation, I must say it is not as easy as the straight end straps. I did encounter difficulties but after several attempts, I managed to get them fitted onto my watches.

StrapoFIT The Vintage 3.0 featured in this post is provided by
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Pictures and text by Yeoman.
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