Rodeo Straps by

This time round I had the opportunity to try out two Rodeo straps from This is a strap that is suitable for both sports and dress watches. Let’s take a look.

The Rodeo strap is made from thick and soft leather material from Sweden. The strap measures 125mm at the long end and 75mm at the short end excluding the buckle. It is untapered and has a thickness of 4.5mm.

Due to the thickness of the leather, it is best used on divers, sports watches as well as dress watches with long lugs. When putting it on a Seiko diver, I find that it takes the Seiko fat spring bars with no issue. I also had no difficulty pushing the fat spring bar out with a spring bar tool.

Below is the Rodeo strap (tanned) on my Seiko Marinemaster SBDX001. The thickness of the strap and its ability to take the fat spring bars make it suitable a strap option for the MM300.

Here is the tanned Rodeo strap on the Tissot heritage petite seconde. This is a watch that has sufficient lug space to accommodate the strap. In addition, the vintage style of the strap matches very well with the watch.

Here is the Rustic Brown Rodeo strap on the Seiko MM300 and Tissot heritage petite seconde.

Final thoughts:
The Rodeo strap by is a vintage style strap that is suitable for most watches. It is thick, soft and has a slight rugged feel to it. It is very comfortable on the wrist due to the fact that it does not have thick stitching along its edges.

Rodeo straps featured in this post are provided by:

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Pictures and text by Yeoman.
Thanks for viewing.

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