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This time round I had the opportunity to try out the new Bronco strap from There are several colours and the ones I have here are the Bronco Coffee and Bronco Cedar. Let’s take a look.

This strap is made from Kvarnsjo leather from Sweden. It measures 125mm at the long end and 75mm at the short end excluding the buckle. It is padded to 6mm at the thickest part and tapers to 35mm at the buckle end.

The samples I have are 20mm at the lug end and tapers to 18mm at the buckle end. The leather is lightly oiled to produce a slightly glossy surface. There is also a nice grain on the leather that varies from strap to strap.

The back of the strap is lined with a layer of oiled leather which provides very good water resistance. The strap is fitted with a solid buckle that is brush finished.

The Bronco strap is very suitable for thicker watches as it is a relatively thick strap.

Here, I have the Bronco Cedar on my white dial Seiko chronograph. This is a dress chronograph but due to its thickness, most dress style leather straps are too thin for it. The Bronco Cedar, however, has the right thickness. I find that the grain of the leather works very well as a dress watch strap and the colour matches very well with the white dial.

The Bronco Coffee is installed on my Longines Big Eye Chronograph. This strap is made from jagged leather that adds a bit of ruggedness to it. The colour of the strap and its contrasting stitches match very well with the black dial of the Longine Big Eye.

Overall, I find that the Brono strap is made with excellent workmanship and works very well on sporty watches as well as thicker dress watches. If you prefer thicker straps for your watches, the Bronco strap from may be for you.

Bronco straps featured in this post are provided by:

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Pictures and text by Yeoman.
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