Orient Star Open Heart Tonneau – DAAA002T


This time round I had the chance to look at the Orient Star Open Heart Tonneau, model number DAAA002T. This model is available in both the Japanese and the international market. It’s model number in Japan is WZ0131DA. Main features of this watch besides the open heart and tonneau shaped case are power reserve indicator, display back and sapphire crystal (front) with anti-reflective coating.

Here’s a quick pictorial review:
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Seiko X Cotton Club – SDGC030


Had the opportunity to handle this Seiko Brightz model, SDGC030 recently. This is a Seiko X Cotton Club collaboration model and is powered by the 6R21 mechanical movement. It is a JDM model and is limited to 500 pieces.

Here is a pictorial review.
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Orient Quartz You May Not Have Seen


Saw a tray of watches at Big Time recently. Some of them are quartz but they are actually quite interesting.

The first one that I would like to highlight is this tank style ladies watch, UNEL002C. The gold case and Roman dial combination definitely catches my eyes. It comes with Japan movement as indicated at the bottom of the dial.
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Seiko Presage – SARY055


This time round I had the opportunity to look at the Seiko SARY055, a recent model from the Presage line. This is a JDM model that is also available in the international market as SRP527. The difference is, the SARY055 comes with Kanji day display.

The main features of this watch are:
– 4R36 movement (hack and handwind)
– Sapphire crystal
– Day/date (day in Kanji)
– blue hands
– gold coloured rotor
– lugs slope downwards
– bracelet has solid end links

Here are some pictures of the SARY055.
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New Models by Seiko and Orient


Received some catalog pictures of the new watches that Seiko and Orient will be releasing in the near future. I don’t have the exact release dates but they are really exciting watches and I look forward to them.

Shown above is the SBDX012. On the top right corner of the picture, I can see that it will be a commemorative watch for the 50th Anniversary of Seiko Divers. This model looks exactly like the SBDX001 except for the gold accents.
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Vintage Style Seiko – SNKN03


Here is another vintage style Seiko that I handled recently. Like the one I posted before (two posts down), this one is also powered by the 7S26C movement. The main features of this piece are the faceted crystal, hidden lugs and bright coloured dial. These are prominent features of watches in the seventies.

Here are some pictures of the SNKN03K.
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