Seiko 5 Sports – SNZJ05J

I saw the 2011 Seiko catalog for international models and was surprised to see the 4R movement being the main movement used in the automatic models including the Seiko 5. The 4R movement will come in several variations:

4R35 – date
4R36 – day and date
4R37 – 24hr sub dial at 11 or 12 o’clock position, date
4R38 – open heart at 9 o’clock position

There are some 7S based Seiko 5 models on the catalog but I suspect the movement will slowly be discontinued.

Before that happens, let me share with you yet another 7S36 Seiko 5 Sports model that many may not have seen before.

Note: This is not a new model. I believe it was released in the third or fourth quarter of 2010. Movement is 7S36 (not 4Rxx).

Enjoy the pictures.

Seiko SNZJ05J featured in this post is provided by:

K2 Watch Company
845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex
#03-K1. Singapore 400845
Tel: 6746 0270

20 thoughts on “Seiko 5 Sports – SNZJ05J

  1. I was in Hong Kong recently and heard that Seiko is coming out with a hacking movement. Is this the 4R movement you’re talking about? I have several watches with ETA 2824-2 movements, which are hacking, and if Seiko is going to offer this in a movement, I welcome it!


  2. Another beauty….the more I wear these, the more I am beginning to wonder why I spent so much on Swiss when I could have bought so many of these and had many times the enjoyment. I have a question-the models that have a J in the number seem to be made in Japan but I don’t know where my racing sport model was made. It may have had a K in the serial number but the rotor and dial are unsigned. I have a third 5 that clearly states it was made in Malaysia. Are the ones from Japan harder to get? Are the other ones made as well as the ones from Japan? Thanks!


    • The ‘J’ models usually say “Made in Japan” at the bottom of the dial. If it is not stated on the dial, then the watch is a ‘K’ version. I believe the ‘K’ version is cased in China with movement made in Malaysia.

      There is no difference in quality in ‘J’ and ‘K’ versions.


  3. Hi,

    Very nice looking Seiko 5. Seems to be big and hefty on the wrists. Can you advise me on the case size? Is the bezel a rotating one?



  4. This is a beautiful watch. However, I so wish tht Seiko would stop putting the bold frames around the date windows. For my tastes, I wish there was just an opening, perhaps with a fine line around it. But not a chrome frame.


  5. Hello sir,

    Just wondering if Seiko has released anything with the 4r37 movement yet? Seems odd to have a subdial at 11 but at 12 there could be a potential for some nice looking new designs, what’s your thoughts on these new movements?


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