SBDX005 – My first purchase at

I am a regular visitor of and after so many years of visiting the site, I finally bought something from them. The watch I purchased is the SBDX005 from the Year 2000 Historical Collection.

The purchase was made with the help of as Antiwatchman does not ship out of Japan.

Above is a picture of the watch shown at Antiwatchman.

There are addition pictures showing different views of the watch as well as the box and papers that it came with.

The site also include information such as the specification of the watch, the year it was made, and a detailed description of its condition. is a Japanese website but you can always run it through an online translator site to have it translated into English.

Here’s the shipping protocol: The watch was with the owner and upon purchase confirmation by Seiya-san, the owner shipped it to who in turn shipped to Seiya-san. The watch was then shipped to me by EMS.

Due to Japanese holidays from 19th to 23rd September, Japan EMS was swarmed with parcels and shipping was a bit slower than usual. Patience is key in such situation.

I had to pay GST on receiving the watch as the actual value was declared for insurance. For a watch of such value, insurance is definitely a must and hence GST is inevitable.

Overall, it was a smooth transaction and the watch came in pristine condition.

Here’s a picture.

And here’s a picture of it next to the SBDX011.

Click on the image to see full size picture.

8 thoughts on “SBDX005 – My first purchase at

    • Hi Lim,

      The price is shown in one of the pictures in the post. Just add a little more for admin and shipping fees.
      I understand you are looking for a BNIB SBBN007. This watch has became very hard to find.
      Shoot an email to Seiya-san and see if he can help.

      Best regards,


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