‘Insider’ Session at Thong Sia S’pore – Part III

After the boutique tour, we gathered once again at the conference room on the 4th floor for some snacks and a Q&A session to round up the ‘insider’ session.

Here are the door gifts that were given to the participants.

Above is a Seiko collar pin and below, a pair of Seiko gloves.

‘I Love my Seiko’ Video Shooting

This is last part of the event. Ogilvy Public Relations had their camera crew there to help record videos for participants who want to take part in the ‘I Love my Seiko’ video contest. Participants simply prepare their content and choose a spot where they want their video recorded.

Below is Badern recording his video right next to the Spring Drive movement model in the conference room. He explained how he fell in love with Seiko watches and how Seiko watches represent good value to him. The watch he was holding is his 6159-7010 professional 600m diver from 1975.


This ‘insider’ session has given me a better understanding of the Seiko service centre as well as an update of what is available at the Seiko bouitique.

This is the first time I saw the watches from the new Ananta line and it is very interesting to see how the ancient art of sword making became the inspiration in modern watch making. The Ananta is definitely a unique watch design that Seiko has created.

Thanks to Glenn Koh and his team at Ogilvy Public Relations and also Teddy Chan and Jon Loh from Thong Sia Singapore.

******* End of visit report *******

Here are the NG shots:

Badern’s 6159-7010 next to my SBDX011

Side view of the Ananta watches on display.

Spring Drive Chronograph.

Part I

Part II

5 thoughts on “‘Insider’ Session at Thong Sia S’pore – Part III

  1. Once again , thanks for review part 3 . Singapore is lucky to have such a great retail Seiko boutique retail store “Thong Sia” , it has made my Singapore holiday so much more interesting .

    MIKER .


  2. ^^
    Actually visting family & friends , but i doesnt stop me checking out the many fine Seiko’s & many other brands on offer in Singapore .


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