Launch of Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch in Singapore

The Seiko Astron GPS solar watch was officially launched in Singapore on 22nd November 2012 and I had the privilege to attend the exclusive launch event hosted by Thong Sia Singapore and Add+ Creative Group at VivoCity Central Court B.

The Seiko Astron is the world’s first GPS solar watch that recognizes all 39 time zones on earth and gives you the correct timezone, time and date data wherever you are.

Here are some pictures that I took at the event.
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‘Insider’ Session at Thong Sia S’pore – Part III

After the boutique tour, we gathered once again at the conference room on the 4th floor for some snacks and a Q&A session to round up the ‘insider’ session.

Here are the door gifts that were given to the participants.

Above is a Seiko collar pin and below, a pair of Seiko gloves.
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‘Insider’ Session at Thong Sia S’pore – Part II

The Seiko Boutique Tour (Cont’d)
The Seiko boutique displays Seiko watches from both the international lineup and the Japan domestic lineup. In addition, it also displays full range of Alba watches and a small selection of Agnes B watches that are powered by Seiko movements.

With us on the tour was the sales manager, Teddy and the boutique assistants.

Again, let me take you along with me to take a look at some of the watches that are available here at the Seiko boutique.
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‘Insider’ Session at Thong Sia S’pore – Part I

I attended an exclusive ‘insider’ session at Thong Sia Singapore on 26th Sep 2009. The event was jointly organized by Ogilvy Public Relations, the PR agent of Seiko Japan and Thong Sia Singapore, the distributor of Seiko watches in Singapore. Together with me was my friend Knight Lim and strongman Badern.

Now, let me take you along with me to the event.

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