‘Insider’ Session at Thong Sia S’pore – Part I

I attended an exclusive ‘insider’ session at Thong Sia Singapore on 26th Sep 2009. The event was jointly organized by Ogilvy Public Relations, the PR agent of Seiko Japan and Thong Sia Singapore, the distributor of Seiko watches in Singapore. Together with me was my friend Knight Lim and strongman Badern.

Now, let me take you along with me to the event.

The Invitation

SEIKO Japan and Thong Sia Singapore would like to invite you down for an exclusive “insider” session, where you will get a hands-on experience with watches from SEIKO’s latest luxury range – Ananta [http://www.seiko-ananta.com].

This session will also give you a personalized behind-the-scenes look at Thong Sia’s showroom and browse the full range of SEIKO watches that are available in Singapore.

Venue: Thong Sia Building
30 Bideford Road, #04-00
Singapore 229922

Time: 1000hrs – 1100hrs
Date: 26 Sep 09

On top of that, in conjunction with the current “I Love MY SEIKO” YouTube contest, our camera crew will be on-site to give you an opportunity to submit your SEIKO stories for the contest. So do remember to bring down your favorite SEIKO watch and enter the contest for a chance to win an Ananta of your own.

The Actual Day

Knight and I met outside Thong Sia Building at 9.45am. Badern was running a little late but managed to arrive before 10am. This was the first time I met him in the flesh and he was able to recognize me by the SBDX011 on my wrist.

Product Knowledge Session

We went up to Thong Sia’s office on the 4th floor and were ushered into a conference room where the other participants were already seated.

The session started off with the quick introduction of the 5R66 Spring Drive movement by Jon Loh, the manager of the service centre. A movement model (shown below) was used to show the components of the Spring Drive movement.

A representative from Ogilvy Public Relations then showed us the latest Ananta video that he received from Seiko Japan a day before the event. The video shows how the Ananta watch was made from case publishing to assembly of the movement. It was an impressive video and I could see that the Ananta is hand assembled watch.

The sales manager, Teddy Chan from Thong Sia summed up the product knowledge session and did a Q and A session before the Ananta hands-on session.

Hands-on Session

Having been briefed on the 5R66 movement and the background of the Ananta watch, we finally got to handle the magnificent Ananta Springdrive GMT, SNR021J1. I like the sword hands and sharp hour markers as well as the unique case design that the Ananta watch has.

Here’s my attempt to capture the side profile of the Ananta watch using my cell phone.

During the session, some Seiko catalogs and publications were passed around for the participants to read. This one titled “The Magic of Seiko” is probably the latest. It contains literature of Seiko’s latest product including the Spring Drive Spacewalk watch.

The Service Centre Tour

After looking at the sweet Ananta Spring Drive GMT, the  participants were brought to the service centre for a quick tour. Both Jon and Teddy were there to answer questions posed by the participants.

I personally confirmed with them that JDM Seiko watches sent here for servicing will be sent to Seiko Japan on behalf of the customer.

The service centre consists of a front desk that accepts watches from customers. Behind the front desk is where the technicians work. It consists of watch and clock repair as well as a parts department.

The Seiko Boutique Tour

Next, we took the escalator down to the ground floor to take a tour of the Seiko Boutique.

This Seiko boutique was designed by a Seiko designer from Japan and was launch in July 2005 in conjunction with the launch of Grand Seiko in Singapore. I had the privilege to attend the launch event that year.

**** End of Part I ****

Part II

Part III

18 thoughts on “‘Insider’ Session at Thong Sia S’pore – Part I

  1. Great post Yeoman!
    Thanks again for asking me along for the event. I really appreciate it and it was really nice to finally meet the famous Yeoman in the flesh 🙂

    Looking forward to your Part 2.

    PS: Feel free to check out my post on the event. (its on SCWF)


  2. Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for sharing with us your ‘tour’ at Thong Sia, Singapore and your first-hand information on the latest Ananta watch. It’s informative and interesting!
    Great job!


  3. Wow! That’s KOOL! If it were me, I’d be drooling all the time I was in the Seiko Centre!

    Thanks for sharing it with us ‘less mortals’ here on the WWW! ;-P

    Great info and pics to boot! The SD Ananta watch looks well designed and well built as well and the crown is out of this world. Will need to take a closer look myself the next time I’m in S’pore! Can’t wait!

    Keep up the good work and interesting posts here in your blog.

    Best regards!


    • Thanks for the comments, the Flying Scotman. Will definitely put up more interesting posts here.
      Btw, the Seiko Ananta is an international line, I believe you should be able to see them in your country as well.

      Best regards,


    • I didn’t know you live in Singapore. It is hard to tell who lives in Singapore by looking at the forum posts. Somehow your posts gave me the impression that you live in the US.

      Now that I know, I will keep you informed if they organise similar events in future.

      Best regards,


  4. Hi, I am an owner of a Spring Drive GMT myself. I was wondering, that book you are showing, The Magic of Seiko, do you have any idea where I can get one? Thanks!


  5. I have personally visted & purchased 3 new Seiko’s inc my new Ananta Automatic & JDM from Seiko Thong Sia , the 3 girls Serene , Ivy & Felicia that work & run the show given me Exellent service .
    Your review was informative & thanks for sharing it .
    I live in Australia & we dont have a Seiko boutique stand alone store there , so while am here in Singapore its great to have exprienced & purhased from such a great Seiko retail boutique , thanks again “Thomas” .

    MIKER .


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