‘Insider’ Session at Thong Sia S’pore – Part II

The Seiko Boutique Tour (Cont’d)
The Seiko boutique displays Seiko watches from both the international lineup and the Japan domestic lineup. In addition, it also displays full range of Alba watches and a small selection of Agnes B watches that are powered by Seiko movements.

With us on the tour was the sales manager, Teddy and the boutique assistants.

Again, let me take you along with me to take a look at some of the watches that are available here at the Seiko boutique.

The first watch that caught my eyes was the electronic paper watch which is also known as the Seiko e-ink. The watch is beautifully displayed in a display cabinet of its own and here’s a closer shot.

The next watch that I saw was the Spring Drive Marinemaster 600m, SBDB001. This watch has a titanium case and feels pretty light on my hand. This is the first time I saw this watch in the flesh.

Below are some other Prospex models they have in the display cabinet. They include the Kinetic Landmaster and the Sky Professional models.

And here are the Ananta watches. Besides the Spring Drive GMT model, they also have the multi-hand model on display. On the left is the SPB019 and on the right, the SPB017. They are powered by the 6R21 mechanical movement.

I also noticed that Thong Sia has beefed up their Grand Seiko collection to include the Spring Drive models and the Japan Master Shop models. The photos below are just some of the models that I have captured. There are other models such as the SBGR031, SBGM007, SBGM009, SBGE001 and many more on display.

Besides the GS and Prospex, there are also some Japan domestic models from the Mechanical line on display. These are the higher end ones that are powered by the 4S, 8L and 6R20 movement.

The last watch picture I took during the boutique tour was this Spring Drive model from the Spring Drive international (also known as the Quiet Revolution) lineup.  The interesting thing about this watch is that the moon phase feature may go unnoticed if you don’t look at it carefully, especially when it is not yet full moon.

The staff at Thong Sia have set the watches to the correct time and date. That means the time shown on the watches in this post was the actual time the photos were taken. If you have made it to here, I hope it has been as good as attending the event in real time and in person.

**** End of Part II ****

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