Launch of Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch in Singapore

The Seiko Astron GPS solar watch was officially launched in Singapore on 22nd November 2012 and I had the privilege to attend the exclusive launch event hosted by Thong Sia Singapore and Add+ Creative Group at VivoCity Central Court B.

The Seiko Astron is the world’s first GPS solar watch that recognizes all 39 time zones on earth and gives you the correct timezone, time and date data wherever you are.

Here are some pictures that I took at the event.

High intensity titanium model – SAST007

High intensity titanium model -SAST005

Dial shot of the SAST005

Stainless steel model – SAST009

Stainless steel model – SAST011

There was also a display area for the Grand Seiko watches.


Two special edition Hi-beat Grand Seiko’s – SBGH022 (18K rose gold) and SBGH019 (18K white gold)

A limited edition Grand Seiko – SBGR063G

My first time seeing the GS diver (SBGA031) up close and personal. Looks bigger than I expected.

I also took the opportunity to look at the recent Ananta chronographs.




The original Anantas still looking good.

Below are some pictures of the event and exhibition area I took while waiting for the show to start.

The show started off with an opening address by Ms. Teruyo Ishimaru, sales and marketing general manager of Seiko Japan.

Magician showing the magic of Seiko.

Models showing the Astron watches on stage.

Seiko and Thong Sia representatives on stage for a group shot.

Model showing the Seiko Astron watch during the tea reception.

Special thanks the organizers for inviting me and congrats on a successful event.

11 thoughts on “Launch of Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch in Singapore

  1. Hi Thomas,

    I didn’t think Seiko would ever revive its old Astron marque, but it did. Using GPS technology to provide for automatic time correction is a great idea, as GPS satellites have extremely precise, atomic clocks on board to assure highly accurate positional triangulation. GPS chips have gone down in cost and size since the past five years (they’re found in virtually all modern smartphones) and I think is a lot less expensive than the LF/HF radio controlled time synchronization technology. Unfortunately the Astron watches aren’t cheap. 😦

    Even with its 39-city time zones, I doubt watch enthusiasts living in odd-offset time zones (e.g., Adelaide, Kathmandu, Chatham Islands, etc) would appreciate world time watches such as this. Citizen’s Skyhawk models for example, includes Adelaide. I’ve yet to see a Seiko world timer watch that addresses half-hour and 15-minute offsets.

    You’re indeed fortunate that Thong Sia (S) Pte is willing to hold such an event like this, because Thong Sia (Malaysia) isn’t. Either they’re too cheap or they’re not confident enough to push high end Seiko watches here. Many locals aren’t aware of Seiko’s high end offerings and those who are tend to balk at the thought of spending the equivalent of SGD3.6k on a “Seiko watch”. To them it’s like deciding between a Lexus and a BMW 523i; ultimately the Bimmer almost always wins every time. 🙂

    The Ananta SAEH007’s design is a nod towards the legendary 6138-0030 chronograph, due to its square elapsed time registers but with a modern twist. BTW, I’m intrigued by the Astron SAST009’s blued indices; it’s something that I’ve never seen in a Seiko before. Do you suppose the lume glows blue (as with Citizen Eco Drives) or the normal “Seiko green”?

    Thanks for the great post! 🙂


  2. Great to read your review Thomas , thanks for sharing . I actually visted the Seiko Astron road show on the wednesday @Vivo City , it was impressive , only i didnt return to see the actual presentation .


  3. Now where did my invation go ?? I still enjoyed the Seiko Astron road show regrdless , but yor review helped show me what i missed out on . So thanks for the pictures & comments , very informative .


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